Dell Latitude E7470 Freezes during registration

  • I am trying to register and upload an new image. We are running Centos 6 with FOG v.31. I want to upgrade to 1.2 but dunno how it will affect the other images ie our main one we use which is HP Compaq 6200 Pro. I look at the compatibility list and the HP says it works in v.32 nothing on v1.x.x yet. We have made a snap shot of the FOG server itself in case the upgrade goes haywire but didn’t know if there was any work around in v.31. I am out sourced to my position from my parent company and do not have access to change certain features but I can get them to do it for me provided I give enough evidence of it being needed done.

    Any help would be great and Thanks in advance.

  • @SusejNatas Go ahead and update again. RC-4 is out.

  • @george1421 I’m already pleased with the speed of 1.3.0 but my network admin left for the day so I have to wait till tomorrow to copy over the information. But I’m already impressed with some of the improvements so far but I am still at bare bones.

    I was going to have this solved but I don’t think that is something I can do. I’m a n00b to these forums so that might be the reason also.

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    @SusejNatas in the end you will have a much better env with 1.3.0 on a newer os. FOG 1.3.0 is also much faster with deployment than 0.30. Plus so many other web gui changes to mention.

  • @george1421 They don’t give me access to the vsphere where my company outsourced me too. I am waiting for him to restore the vm snapshot of the original server so I can see if I can export what I can to move over. The network admin does the storage moves and what not they just wanted me to upgrade/build the fog server. I can’t really move forward with all my transfer till he sits down and does what i asked him to do ie DNS option for the new IP and restoring the previous snapshot of the old fog server. He also installed Ubuntu 16 so i said f*** it and installed fog trunk to go along with it.

  • Thanks everyone I ended up building a Never Server and restoring the old one as a backup in case we run into issues with out old images on the new one. My New one is on Ubuntu 16 running Trunk much faster than v.31. This is a new environment for me. But thanks for all your help!

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    @Wayne-Workman I might not have given my entire logic with the just update to centos 7 bit. Understand that Centos 6 will receive updates until Q2 2017. This is akin to MS stopping updates for XP. While Centos 6 will continue to function after Q2 2017 any newly detected vulnerabilities would not be patched. IF the OP is at a cross roads right now and is considering upgrading to FOG 1.3.0, then now would be a logical time to consider the move to Centos 7 too. But again, that is only my recommendation. I understand environmental issues may not allow the OP to update the OS at this time.

  • I agree with George.

    If you can build a new server from scratch, do it.

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    @Wayne-Workman I don’t happen to have a vm template of centos 6 any more, but I can spin up a new vm tonight with centos 6 on it and test.

    BUT my recommendation to the OP (for what ever its worth), if they have a virtualization environment I would spin up a new Centos 7 vm and then install 1.3.0-rc2 on it clean. Yes that will mean that they will have to recreate the FOG environment all over, a lot can be done by copy and pasting and then transferring the /images directory over. So it will be some work to do. BUT what it will give you is a fall back system in case of difficulties with the new version of FOG. If the new FOG server falls down the old one is still there, all you need to do is power it on.

    With that said, I can spin up a new centos 6 vm tonight and see if fog 1.3.0-rc2 installs without any monkey business. Understand this will not be an exact match for the OPs environment since the OP is upgrading fog from 0.30.

  • It’s hard to keep the compatibility list updated. We only know what people tell us. Generally, if the model ever worked with fog, it will work with future versions - generally.

    Upgrading from .32 to 1.3.0 RC2 should go smoothly. You’ll need to set your old images to use ‘partimage’ instead of partclone.

    Before updating, take a DB backup. I don’t know if .32 can export the DB or not, in later versions it’s located in FOG Configuration -> Configuration Save -> Export. If you don’t have that, you’ll need to do it manually. Instructions on that can be found here:

    Also, if you don’t have FOG doing dhcp, you’ll likely have it setup in Windows, and option 067 for this old installation is likely set to the old unsupported file, you’ll want to change that to undionly.kkpxe

    Further - CentOS 6… @Developers @Moderators @Testers can anyone confirm that 1.3.0 RC2 works on CentOS 6 without a hitch?

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