• RE: Using FOG to PXE boot into your favorite installer images

    Acronis 2018 (WinPE)

    1. First we’ll create the required directories:
    mkdir -p /tftpboot/os/acronis18
    1. Now we’ll mount the Acronis 2018 WinPE ISO over the loop directory. Then we’ll copy the contents of the DVD to the directory we built above.
    mount -o loop /{full path where you have the iso stored}/acronis2018pe.iso /mnt/loop
    cp /mnt/loop/boot/BCD /tftpboot/os/acronis18/
    cp /mnt/loop/boot/boot.sdi /tftpboot/os/acronis18/
    cp /mnt/loop/sources/boot.wim /tftpboot/os/acronis18/
    umount /mnt/loop
    1. Download and install the latest wimboot kernel and extract it from the zip file.
    cd /tmp
    wget http://git.ipxe.org/releases/wimboot/wimboot-latest.zip
    unzip wimboot-latest.zip
    1. Copy the wimboot file from the archive directory to root of the /tftpboot directory (we’ll need this for every windows boot media, so we’ll place it in a common spot).
    cp ./wimboot-2.6.0-signed/wimboot /tftpboot
    1. The last bit of magic we need to do is setup a new FOG iPXE boot menu entry for this Acronis 2018 WinPE Image.
    2. In the fog WebGUI go to FOG Configuration->iPXE New Menu Entry
      Set the following fields
      Menu Item: os.Acronis2018PE
      Description: Acronis 2018 WinPE
      set tftp-path tftp://${fog-ip}
      set pe-path ${tftp-path}/os/acronis18
      kernel ${tftp-path}/wimboot gui
      imgfetch --name BCD ${pe-path}/BCD BCD
      imgfetch --name boot.sdi ${pe-path}/boot.sdi boot.sdi
      imgfetch --name boot.wim ${pe-path}/boot.wim boot.wim
      boot || goto MENU
    3. That’s it, just pxe boot your target system and pick Acronis 2018 WinPE from the FOG iPXE boot menu.
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  • RE: First default domain admin login never ends when FOG (1.5.0) joins to domain (FOG Client 0.11.15)


    thanks for your suggestions, i made another try i gave the first login more time, after 10 minutes the first login attempt worked, i maybe was to impatient usually a login doesnt take such long, every login attempt after that first one is working normally.

    Hmpf, i will try recreate the image from scratch to see if this impact occours again.

    Best Regards X23

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  • RE: TFTP Error - File Not Found

    @FuriousGamer065 said in TFTP Error - File Not Found:

    Can you possibly help me upgrade dnsmasq?

    You will need to follow the instructions in the link for compiling dnsmaq 2.76.

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  • RE: TFTP Error - File Not Found

    @FuriousGamer065 OK a quick cheat is to go into /tftpboot and copy undionly.kpxe to undionly.kpxe.0 and ipxe.efi to ipxe.efi.0 it will get you going tonight then circle back and either upgrade (compile) dnsmasq or upgrade your host OS and get the newer version of dnsmasq already complied in.

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  • RE: TFTP Error - File Not Found

    @FuriousGamer065 Ah found it. You have an old version of dnsmasq. The old versions of dnsmasq appends .0 to the file name. You can check the version of dnsmasq by issuing this command from the fog server’s linux command prompt sudo dnsmasq -v if the version is less than 2.76 then it will not work for you. You have an option of either compiling the right version or starting over and us a more current version of ubuntu.

    Let me grab the link to compile the right version of dnsmasq: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/8725/compiling-dnsmasq-2-76-if-you-need-uefi-support (link double checked)

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  • RE: TFTP Error - File Not Found

    @FuriousGamer065 Looking at it now

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  • RE: TFTP Error - File Not Found

    @FuriousGamer065 Well at least it wasn’t to my bank account (you prolly would have had a good laugh). I corrected the link.

    So for ubuntu you went sudo ufw disable and then sudo ufw stop?

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  • RE: TFTP Error - File Not Found

    @FuriousGamer065 OK good. That bypasses quite a few issues.

    What host OS is the fog server running? Did you remember to disable the linux firewall (depends on the OS if its disabled by default).

    If it is disabled then lets grab a pcap of the pxe booting process. Use this tutorial and the fog server. https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/9673/when-dhcp-pxe-booting-process-goes-bad-and-you-have-no-clue

    Use the capture filter listed. It will create the output.pcap in the current directory. You can review it with wireshark. In the discover packet (sent by the pxe booting computer) look at dhcp option 93. That is the client saying hello world I’m a (uefi/bios) computer. Just note what the target computer is saying.

    Then you should see 2 offers one will be from your dhcp server and one from dnsmasq. The one from dnsmasq will say “when you are done getting an IP address come see me”. The proxydhcp OFFER will tell the client to ignore anything the real dhcp server says about network booting.

    After the ACK packet you should then see the target computer talk to dnsmasq on port 4011. There should be 2 packets there (I think), then the target computer will reach out to the FOG server over tftp and ask for a file size, then request the file. Look closely at the requested file name.

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  • RE: TFTP Error - File Not Found

    Check to see if your have a /tftpboot directory on your FOG Server.

    If not check to see if the .fogsettings file was created in /opt/fog. You will need to use this command to see it because its hidden. I only care if it exists or not. cat /opt/fog/.fogsettings That command should print out some text. If that file does not exist then something happened during the fog installation. What we’ve seen people do is run the fog installer and half way through it says to go to a web page. People forget to go back to the installer script and finish the install after running the web page. If you forget then the /tftpboot directory won’t be created and the .fogsettings file will not exist because you have 1/2 of the install completed.

    FWIW: You have dnsmasq setup perfectly. The error points to not having the tftp server running on the fog server.

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  • RE: FOG Reporting - query issue?

    The figures seem much more stable now, much less fluctuations. Thank you @Quazz !

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