• RE: Image Capture Error: "Failed to open stream: Permission Denied"

    @icescout27 Sorry for the delayed answer. Somehow I lost track of this. OK, so now we see a different error, obviosly because the password of the fogproject account is different. As well the access rights of the folder seem strange.

    Run sudo chmod -R 777 /media/fog/External and follow George’s advices and you should bei good to go: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/11203/resyncing-fog-s-service-account-password

    Those accounts are service accounts created and used by FOG. If you mess with those you will run in trouble sooner or later.

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  • RE: Popularity Contest

    @Sebastian-Roth, @Wayne-Workman, @george1421 I agree.

    I think the GUID generation can be done relatively simply. We may already have a GUID generated at install time. (FOG_UUID in FOG Settings I think.) Though I don’t know how generalized it is, and it’s more a random ID, not an actual UUID (in UUID Standard)

    So my thoughts:

    Keep this “polling/analytics” separate from the main fog code base (Maybe under utils?)

    Ask, on next update/install, if the admin would like to send analytics data to fog, and potentially what to send?

    Store this section to it’s own configuration file.

    So the asking requests something like:

    Would you like to send analytic data for FOG? (y/N)
    We would like to collect the information once a week, on Sunday’s at 03:00:00. (This allows us to delete entries older than a week.)

    The information we would like to collect are:

    • Randomly Generated UUID -> This allows us to track the information anonymously, but also not continually add the request to the queue, data is inserted once, then updated as needed.
    • FOG Version -> This will allow us to track what versions of FOG are currently in use.
    • OS -> This tells us what type of OS you are using to host the fog server.
    • OS Version -> This tells us what version of OS you are using to host the fog server
    • Timestamp -> Just the date and time this was sent.

    We allow the user to select what they’re comfortable sending. I think this is just a better method overall.

    The utility should simply create a simple shell script to send the data the user would like in real time. To collect the FOG Version, should should be able to do a lookup of the /var/www/fog/lib/fog/system.class.php and look up FOG_VERSION in the file.
    OS and OS Version should look at lsb_release -a if the command exists, or look at /etc/os-release, or fallback as needed. Finally, the utility would then create the crontab to perform the task regularly.

    Getting UUID = echo $(cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid)
    We call the configuration file something like /opt/foganalytics/.foganalytics
    The script would be called something like /opt/foganalytics/foganalytics
    Crontab would look like: 0 3 * * 0 /usr/bin/bash /opt/foganalytics/foganalytics >/dev/null 2&>1

    Does this all make sense and sound doable?

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  • RE: Popularity Contest

    @Wayne-Workman Nice one. Thanks for bringing it up. While I hate all the tracking stuff going on nowadays I think it can be used in a good and totally anonymous way to help improve things.

    FOG already has got this but it might need improvment. I can take a look in the next week or so.

    I am wondering if generating a GUID is really a good idea as it would make tracking possible again. Don’t like the idea. On the other hand we do need some form of ID to distinguish between…

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  • RE: Secure wipe / erase for SSDs

    What about this?


    From what I can gather, you can disable the “frozen state” from the BIOS, so sure it’s an extra step, but should still be possible.

    The only machine that I see a warning is Lenovo. They have their own proprietary tool to perform erase operations.

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  • RE: Secure wipe / erase for SSDs

    @abulhol Too bad this is not working as intended now that you’ve pushed it forward a fair bit. Thanks heaps for your work and we might consider adding it anyways so it will work at least for some SSDs.

    What do you think?

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  • RE: Not able to use Legacy on BIOS :(

    @bwenig Did you setup the DHCP yourself or is this the DHCP FOG put up for you when you ran the FOG installer?

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  • RE: Isolated dnsmasq Setup

    @mwilcox Just a quick hint on this from my side. As far as I see you have two physical network interfaces and FOG running in VirtualBox, right? Don’t confuse VirtualBox’s NAT setting with the NAT George proposed to enable in the FOG Server!! I reckon you need to set both VirtualBox network interfaces to Bridge Mode so they act as much physical interfaces as possible. Then look into the NAT stuff in the FOG Linux OS…

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  • RE: Not able to use Legacy on BIOS :(

    @bwenig Sure, FOG can image UEFI machines since many years!

    The difference is you need to provide another iPXE binary for UEFI machines within your DHCP server configuration.

    What kind of DHCP (and version) do you use?

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  • RE: Hosts not showing up after installing client

    @rogalskij From the log we see that the client keeps receiving Middleware::Response Invalid host. This means the MAC is somehow already known to FOG so it doesn’t wanna register this “new” machine through the client.

    Probably best to take a look at the database directly. Take a look at the SQL queries in this topic: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/12078/i-don-t-see-some-hosts

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  • RE: FOGSnapinReplicator.service failing on fresh install

    @3mu Thanks for the update. I will take a look at this when I have more time.

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