Some clients disappear from web interface but are still present in databse

  • I updated and restore database from last save (last week-end), and 1 hour later at least 3 hosts disappear, on 3 different groups, I made no changes…

    edit : we forgive you, you all make great job ;)

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    Please update to stop the disappearing hosts. I’d even state, if you’re running trunk and the new client, UPGRADE IMMEDIATELY please.

    I’m sorry it’s been so difficult to track down. Hopefully it is now corrected for. Please test.

    We did patch a bug on the mac address, though, but apparently it made hosts disappear even faster. Jbob and I have narrowed it down to one thing. There is a load function that was occurring, but deleting the host primary mac. I’m so sorry…
    Please forgive me?

  • I experienced this issue today, currently working from git version 4644 (so it’s a few days old). I’ve had about five computers disappear from the web interface throughout the day, but they remain in the database.

    Also, and I’m not sure it’s related, but the service settings on some of my hosts are being changed regularly. I have one computer in particular that will regularly have all of it’s services turned off for some reason. I then turn them back on, and it’s good for a few hours before the settings get wiped again.

    I’m leaving work for the day and have the next two days off, but when I get back I’ll make a separate thread for the services issue if it’s still a problem.

  • I’ll paste log in chat, because on forum I’ve this error message :

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    I don’t think, and I’m fairly sure, it’s not at all related to the groups, directly.

    Can you please post the fog.log file of one of the hosts that did disappear?

  • @Tom-Elliott Chat with Jbob :

    I can’t be sure, but my impression is : this morning after the week-end patch, some hosts disappear if I made modifications on their own groups. But since svn 4010, hosts disappear (and very quickly…) from all groups, without modifications made

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    @Matthieu-Jacquart What are the exact things that cause the deletion?

  • I’m sorry but after upgrade, it’s worst than last week…
    This morning I modify some groups, and after that at least 10 pc disappear from web interface, but were still in database.
    And since svn 4010, I lost around half computer : 170 in web interface, 315 in database.
    I’m a little frightened…

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    We have finally found the actual issue in hand with this. It was damn near impossible to replicate but @jbob did figure the exact issue…completely by accident. Regardless of how it was found, it is now 100% and truly fixed. It was specific to invalid macs but very hard to explain with understanding. Just know we did find it and we have patched it. As well as a few other bugs and enhancements. Hopefully you all will be much happier.

  • @Tom-Elliott IT seems to be ok for me, after several tests with computers in a group with different options in service or active directory or snapins, and after modifiyng them by group, I don’t see anymore strange things :-)

    Thank you

  • Oui français,
    Toi aussi je m’en doutais avec ton pseudo :)
    Je teste ça demain, de supprimer les hôtes récalcitrants ;)

  • @Matthieu-Jacquart You must clean database before testing again.
    Delete bad hosts with phpmyadmin, and make new tests.
    I can’t try today but i Will tomorrow

    Matthieu tu es Français ?

  • I’ve just made the update, but I still have computers who are in database but not in host or group management…

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    @Matthieu-Jacquart What I’m saying is I was able to verify the issue, though it was very difficult to get to that point. If you do an update (git pull/svn up – however you do it) you should see things functional again.

  • Sincerely I don’t know, I created groups and put my pc in, I select services and after this sometime it randomly change… But no problems on groups who have been reinstalled long time ago, just bug on newly installed computers.
    One possibility is that I’ve got several group with different computers, but I additionally create an group containing all computers ?

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    @Claude-Girard Thank you for this information. I’ve FINALLY been able to replicate the issue and I believe this to be fixed properly now.

    Please update and let me know.

    This was a VERY specific set of circumstances, so I much appreciate the “exact” steps to replicate this. I suppose I was lucky to even be able to see the problem first hand finally.

    Thank you.

  • After update problem remain.
    Rev 4586

    • create new group
    • include 23 computers in group
    • modify for group: active directory, services.

    Some computers have no service enabled, some have a few services enabled.
    Modifiy again group - services.
    some computers dissapeared from group
    Delete all computers in group.
    Group is empty but in info says 2 members.
    Must delete group to restart.

    Same with snapins.
    I ran all snapins task for a computer.
    In snapin tasks list, I see 4 snapins, but computer has only 3. The last has no name.
    In database, snapinassoc table link computer to snapin numbered 52, but in snapins table, 52 doesn’t exist.

    So how can we verify database consistency ?


  • All of mine are new clients. I will check again next Wednesday. I first saw this during multicast setup under group, but the last few have not been touched for awhile and just seem to disappear. I have a local program and I had to set it to ignore host entries with null names.

  • Ok thanks

    For me it happens on computers with new client and on computers with old client.

    I’ll update fog and the client and see

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    I believe I found the issue. This issue would not occur with the new client, it could only occur due to a miss-logic and the Legacy Client.

    Please update and let me know when/if you can?

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