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  • RE: HostnameChanger Issue

    @jtappen The picture you posted, is this in Hosts -> edit one host’s settings -> Active Directory or in Groups -> edit group settings -> Active Directory?

    If it’s the host’s settings then we can start digging deeper by looking into the database:

    shell> mysql -u fogmaster -p
    mysql> use fog;
    mysql> SELECT hostName,hostEnforce FROM hosts WHERE hostName LIKE '%newhostname%';
    mysql> SELECT settingValue FROM globalSettings WHERE settingKey LIKE '%FOG_ENFORCE_HOST_CHANGES%';
    mysql> quit

    The password for the fogmaster database user is found in /var/www/html/fog/lib/fog/config.class.php. Instead of newhostname in the SQL query put in the name of the host you just registered - make sure the case is correct! Post output of the commands here in the forum if you need further help.

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  • RE: Improve documentation

    @JJ-Fullmer Looks really great I find. Thanks for picking this up a working on it!

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  • RE: FOGImageReplicator runs in a loop

    @kek From the lines numbers we see in the error messages I would guess you are using FOG 1.5.6, right? Since then there have been three new releases and numerous fixes in the code. I would ask you to update to the latest release (1.5.9 as of now) and see if you still get the same behavior.

    Beside that I might mention that from FOG 1.5.4 to 1.5.5 we have changed the replication checksums used to compare the files. Depending on the version you use on the storage node that might play a role as well.

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  • RE: Storage Node

    @Goll420 To me it seems like you are mixing up things here. Let’s try to sort this.

    However, going to add a storage node into the mix to allow for increased throughput when deploying

    While I do understand what you mean I don’t think adding storage nodes is the best way to achieve that. There is multicast to deploy to a huge number of machines at the same time with way less load than you would have deploying singlecast.

    It needs to be online for updates, but then if it can’t contact the database during the install; it seems to fail.

    Yes it needs to have access to the internet while running the setup but as well it will need access to the master node database in general. There is no way to run a FOG storage node without network access to the master node!

    If it does fail and aborts as it cannot contact the database; what are the steps needed to continue the install?

    While you can run the FOG installer with command line option -X to ignore failures and proceed I would not use that in all cases. Please describe in more detail why your storage node is not able to contact the master node and why you want to use a storage node setup per se.

    I’ve added the storage node to FOG but I don’t think it’s working, I can’t see any folders under /var/www/html for images etc.

    If the installer does not run all the way to the end it won’t populate all the files.

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  • RE: Doubts About FOG Project Client Windows

    @cstutz Why not use CloneZilla?

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  • RE: Upgrade from 1.5.7 to 1.5.8 issues

    @Quazz said in Upgrade from 1.5.7 to 1.5.8 issues:

    Is it possible to detect if an image is made with partclone 2.89?

    I have thought about this as well but I don’t see an easy way. The image file is usually compressed (gzip or zstd) and we need to unpack or pipe it through an “uncompress fifo” for any tool to read the header. Reading the header for distinction between different versions means that we cannot pipe that into partclone directly anymore I suppose. So we’d have to tear down the “uncompress fifo” and re-create it again.

    I may ask why would we need to do this on the other hand? So far it looks like fixing partlcone properly would mean that we can deploy old and new images using partlone 0.3.12 I think. Though I am still waiting for more people to test this!

    I know @Chris-Whiteley is very busy at the moment, but I’d really hope he and some other people get around to test the fixed init so we know how well it works.

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  • RE: Fog Update 1.4.4

    @Kamiii said:

    As for the images, how do I copy them over to a new fog node?

    Take a full copy of everything in /images/ (preserving access rights). You might want to check in /opt/fog/.fogsettings to see if the default location /images/ has actually been used.

    Other than that you want to read through this as well:

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  • RE: Deployed imaged failed with blue screen (error 0xc0000225 or "NTFS file system")

    @Matthieu-Jacquart Are all your PCs set to UEFI or legacy BIOS?

    or after AD integration with “NTFS file system” error…

    Can you be more specific on what you mean by this? Does it mean first boot is working ok? How do you do AD integration? Manually or via fog-client or different tools? Is this the exact error screen you get? If not, please take a picture an post here!

    Personally I have not used sysprep myself and can’t help you with that. I know that @george1421 knows a lot about it. Not sure if he might have an idea.

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  • RE: Fog Server Temp Images Location

    @wuast94 You find those in /images/dev!

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  • RE: Improve documentation

    The theme used by jupyter is called pydata-sphinx-theme. The more I look at it the more I like it. What do you think @JJ-Fullmer @Jurgen-Goedbloed @Wayne-Workman?

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