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    Hey all,

    I realize many of you use fog, especially schools and such, for the speed and ability all at the low low price of FREE.

    So we, the development team, would like get a listing of Organizations using FOG if you’d all be willing.

    If possible, can you provide:

    Organization Name:

    Location (Optional)

    Approximate Number of systems:

    How long:

    Add to this, if you want to be listed publicly on the WIKI, please provide a Logo you’d want used for this.

    Thank you,

  • @Tom-Elliott said in Organizations Using FOG:

    Organization Name: Davidson County Sheriff’s Office
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Approximate Number of systems: 750
    How long: since 2012

  • UWC_RBC_2.png
    Organization Name: UWC Robert Bosch College

    Location: Germany

    Approximate Number of systems: 70

    How long: since mid 2018

  • Organization Name: Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Campus Viamão

    Location: Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

    Approximate Number of systems: 50 in our 2 laboratorys

    How long: 3 months


  • @tom-elliott said in Organizations Using FOG:
    Organization Name: EKIMIA company
    Location (Optional) : Marseille , France
    Approximate Number of systems: more than 500 systems shipped to customers using FOG
    How long: Since Mid 2015.

    Ekimia Custom Linux Laptops

  • @dclark said in Organizations Using FOG:

    @adukes40 It will be a year next month that we started out with a test instance. Honestly it has been less headaches than our old solution ever was!


  • @dclark Awesome white paper! If I could upvote it 20 times, I would.

  • alt text
    Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
    Deggendorf Institute of Technology
    about 120 Clients
    1 Server
    Using since Jan 2017

  • 0_1519911049754_New_Logo_Color.jpg
    Pickaway-Ross Career Technical Center
    United States
    We began playing with FOG a year ago and have been slowly implementing it more and more
    Wiki listing is fine and the same attached image

  • 0_1517216155215_eed69702-4434-49e5-8916-20c8a3e8325a-image.png

    Boyum IT Hosting A/S
    About 50 systems
    +1 Year

  • @adukes40 It will be a year next month that we started out with a test instance. Honestly it has been less headaches than our old solution ever was!

  • @tom-elliott Tried it as images - I can email it to you in pdf format if you would like. Just let me know if/where.

  • @dclark Checking in from Milford School District. I heard you guys switched over to FOG. :)

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    @dclark mind retrying the upload?

  • Here is the basic white paper on how it helped the district during a tough budget year and ended up being one of the better finds we have made within the IT department.

    0_1517179215217_Indian River School District Implements New Imaging Solution_Page_1.png

    0_1517179237494_Indian River School District Implements New Imaging Solution_Page_2.png

    0_1517179262092_Indian River School District Implements New Imaging Solution_Page_3.png

  • @dclark Please do share with the community. This is an excellent way to contribute to the fog project. Also, it’s always refreshing and nice to hear positive stories about FOG.

  • @george1421 We also have a White Paper I wrote about our initial integration of FOG if you are interested - PM an email address if you would like.

  • @george1421 That’s a tough question. One thing I have been toying with is some Active Directory integration as far as comparison between FOG hosts and AD hosts. I currently have a framework in PHP to pull records from both and do a daily comparison. I use this to both find hosts that don’t have the FOG client installed for whatever reason, or possibly a client that has broke and also find hosts that have gotten deleted from FOG and not AD or vice-versa. It helps to keep both the FOG host records and AD cleaner and keep clutter to a minimum. If FOG could be directly integrated that when you delete a host you have a choice of also deleting it from AD if it exists. I don’t know if that is something that the community would use or if it would be more of a one-off type of feature, maybe an optional plug-in.

    Greener? - I have to say as it stands it has changed things for us dramatically already! We used to average at least 2500 machines left on all the time, now with the shutdown features available in FOG we have it down under 100 most nights/weekends which are mostly machines that need to be on (HVAC controllers, etc…).

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    @dclark Excellent, it looks like you fully embraced the FOG environment. Well done.

    Just a comment on multicasting. Yes it can be difficult to setup. With a large and disperse network I can see where you might have issues because multicasting only is transmitted from the master node in each storage group. So in your setup it would only be practical on your main campus.

    So I have to ask you a question. What one feature do you feel is missing in FOG that would make your deployments easier/faster/greener?

  • @george1421 We originally looked at FOG as a cost cutting measure but have found that we probably get more imaging done with less issues with it than my experience with Altiris. I have written a standalone PHP application that pulls data from the FOG database in order to inventory equipment, track power management, track user logins (by user), and track image aging and OS versions we have in the wild among other things. I use a batch file to collect and record software inventory records and a few other parameters and deploy it periodically via the snap-in system. I use FOG’s post image script to detect the machine and copy the appropriate drivers to the new install. In most instances imaging speed is tremendously better, usually in the 6-8gb range with about a 3 minute average for a 20gb image.

    We originally re-purposed a used Dell T-110 tower server as the master and Dell 780 desktops as the storage nodes in order to evaluate the system and ended up running on that for about 6 months of production use. We have since upgraded for hardware reliability which was an easy migration compared to any other migration I have been involved with.

    The only issue we have had that has not easily been solved either in house or on the forums is Multi-Cast but I believe that it is a network configuration issue on our end tied into VOIP operations, just haven’t had time to sit and follow the breadcrumbs.

    So… Yes, we have found FOG to meet all our needs and then some. What it doesn’t include we can easily add with a little creativity.

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