Outdated Fog system

  • I have an old single core 2GB fog server running v.29 on Ubuntu 9 (I think)

    What’s my best plan for upgrading without losing my images (or is that even possible)?

    I need to update my image anyway so should I just start from scratch on a new computer? If so, is there an updated guide somewhere on installing ubuntu and fog and getting it running?

    This server’s been running for 5-6 years and I have no experience with Ubuntu or any linux in general so I need something that is literally step-by-step. The only experience I have with ubuntu is from the 5-6 years ago when I setup fog the first time, but that memory is long gone.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!

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    @JMacavali, post: 40822, member: 1142 said:

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  • Hehe…it’s supposed to be a gif I made of all the characters, but the site doesn’t allow gif’s it appears.

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  • Sounds like I’m going to have to set aside some time to do a new build. Thanks for the advice everyone.

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    This past summer I had a fog server running 0.32 and moved to 0.33 and there were so many changes that it was really best to just start over. As Jaymes said that’s the best thing. To save your images, you can download them on to the appropriate machines, check them over for issues, and then upload them when you have built the new server.

    This should also help you out. If you wish to do a direct upgrade.

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    Personally, I would build a new server and set up from scratch.

    Somethings to note.

    In the newer versions of FOG we use a different boot file (undionly.kpxe) instead of pxelinux.0, you will need to make adjustments to your scope when you deploy a newer FOG server.

    I know that FOG will upgrade form 0.32 to 1.2.0 without much of an issue, but I prefer to keep my old server alive someplace incase I hit a snag and need it.

    The only advantage you would have on upgrading your current set up to 1.2.0, would be keeping your old images, and your old database.

    If I were you, I’d grab a fresh debian download and set up a whole new FOG server :)

    Hope this helps!

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