• Thank you for your answer.

    What exactly can I do to solve this problem?

    Try manually registering the MAC address displayed on the Fog Server iPXE screen.

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    @sebastian-roth what I was seeing in the other thread is that ipxe was seeing one mac address and displaying that on the FOG iPXE screen with unregistered. When the OP of that thread ran through full registration and the system would reboot, the fog iPXE menu would still say unregistered. I had the OP of that thread manually register the mac displayed on the iPXE menu and then iPXE would see it as registered. We then compared what iPXE was seeing and what FOS was seeing for the mac address of the interface. iPXE and FOS showed a different mac address for the same network adapter. Booting into widows showed the same mac address that FOS linux sees. Its possible that the complete OS’ are seeing the pass through mac address, where iPXE is seeing the adapter mac since it may not have the driver to see the pass through mac (guess). But this appears now to be the second issue with these unique circumstances.

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    @erasp21 Could be MAC-paththrough as well. Some BIOS/UEFI firmware has the capability to pass on the MAC address of your notebook to the USB-adapter. That might be the case when booting into Windows but not on PXE boot up in iPXE.

    Please compare the MAC address you see:

    • on the BIOS screen
    • in iPXE output
    • after system is booted
    • maybe even boot some live Linux from DVD and check MAC address there

  • @george1421

    Thank you for reply.

    I have confirmed that the MAC address is the same as the one recorded on the USB network adapter and the Fog Server Host.

    I connected the USB network adapter to Windows and checked the information.

    • Realtek USB GbE Family Controller

    • Hardware ID: UBS \ VID_0BDA & PID_8153 & REV_3100
      -> USB Type-C is used for connection.
      Just in case, proceeding with verification by ordering a USB network adapter from another manufacturer.

    • PXE Target computer trying to boot

    • HP EliteBook 830 G7

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    @erasp21 There was someone else who had a similar issue.

    What we saw in that thread was the mac address displayed on the FOG iPXE menu was not the same mac address that was registered to the host in the web ui.

    So will you confirm that the mac address on the FOG iPXE menu is the same mac address that is listed on the usb network adapter?

    If you plug that usb network adapter into a windows computer and look at the device manager, will you tell me the hardware ID of that network adapter? I need the vendor and device ID.

    What target computer (mfg and model) are you trying to PXE boot?

    In the other thread, both FOS Linux and Windows saw the same mac address and iPXE (displayed on the pxe boot menu) saw a different mac address.

    ref: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/15072/hp-elitebook-840-g7