Failed to Set Disk GUID (sgdisk -U) (restoreUUIDinformation)

  • @george1421 Our storage node that we have setup is on ‘media’
    ‘/mnt/media-images’ is just an admin shortcut for us to navigate easier we aren’t using that for uploading or downloading. Upon capture the storage location on the FOG screen is listed as: ip address:/mnt/pool/it/images/dev/ Is it a possibility that the image is being captured into DEV but not being copied out of dev during deploy?


    The other thing I have to add to this, I have 7 different brands of laptops. All of the other brands work (Capture and Deploy) just fine. These new laptops we just got (30, Lenovo P52s) they are at least two years newer than any other device in our inventory. Do you think they need to be set up on UEFI instead of Legacy boot?? The only drastic difference between these machines is that they all have SSD’s which I didn’t think would make a difference?


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    @Sebastian-Roth said in Failed to Set Disk GUID (sgdisk -U) (restoreUUIDinformation):

    @george1421 @Junkhacker Is anyone able to to reproduce this issue?!?!?

    I can not duplicate the issue here, but that just means the circumstances (environment) is different.

    I did see something that raised a red flag.

    I have our images stored on our media server, if I path over to /mnt/media-images/<IMAGENAME>/d1.partitions

    How are you doing this? You are not supposed to be able to reshare an nfs mounted share (technically you can, but fog is not configured to support it). You can’t do that in ms windows either.

    Images are captured to /images/dev/<mac_address> directory (nfs share) and then “moved” to the /images/<image_name> directory using the ftp server built into the fog server. At the very least if /images/dev is on the fog server and /mnt/media-images/<image_name> is on the NFS share the ftp server will have to copy the entire image to the remote nfs server instead of just moving the file pointers as it would if the /images/dev and /images are on the same disk. If you want to store your images on an NFS nas but have the fog server manage the process there is another (unsupported) configuration you can use instead of resharing an nfs mount.

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    @george1421 @Junkhacker Is anyone able to to reproduce this issue?!?!?

  • @Sebastian-Roth Yeah you are right, I grabbed a different laptop to test on just now and everything is fine. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it and your support.

    Edit: The capture worked this time, but the deploy gives this error.

    Picture was taken just now

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    @austinjt01 This is the exact same picture you posted days ago. I can hardly believe you see the exact same screen again as we have changed the size of the init files and I would expect the “No space left in device” error to have vanished.

    Please take a new picture of what exactly you have on screen when it hangs!

  • @Sebastian-Roth IMG_0241.jpg

    It will just sit here and not do anything.

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    @austinjt01 said in Failed to Set Disk GUID (sgdisk -U) (restoreUUIDinformation):

    Seem to still have trouble with capture / deploy though. Keeps getting hung up on “Changing hostname…”

    What do you mean by “hung up”?? Please take a picture of the screen and post here.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I ran the updates and got the same output that you have below.

    Seem to still have trouble with capture / deploy though. Keeps getting hung up on “Changing hostname…”

    I manually installed the updates and got this as the output

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    @austinjt01 said in Failed to Set Disk GUID (sgdisk -U) (restoreUUIDinformation):

    So I re-ran the FOG installer.

    The md5 sums we see in the picture are definitely not the most current ones. Which installer version did you run? Where did you download FOG? I mean from github or downloaded an archive?

  • @Sebastian-Roth 363628ff-95c8-4fb7-adf2-61762cb042a8-image.png

    I have our images stored on our media server, if I path over to /mnt/media-images/<IMAGENAME>/d1.partitions

    This is what’s in the file


    I manually installed the updates and got this as the output

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    @austinjt01 Please run the following commands on your FOG server and post output here:

    md5sum /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/init*
    cat /images/<IMAGENAME>/d1.partitions

    Make sure you put in the name of your image instead of <IMAGENAME>!

  • @Sebastian-Roth So I re-ran the FOG installer. After that I tried capturing an image which appeared to work okay, but now i’m getting the same error upon trying to deploy that captured image.

    It goes through the whole download process and says “A warning has been detected: Failed to set disk guid (sgdisk -U) (restoreUUIDInformation)”

    Sits on that screen for about 60 secs and then gets stuck at “Changing hostname…” again

    Shall I try manually downloading the files ? Maybe the re run of the FOG installer didn’t cut it?


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    @Tom-Elliott Sure we’ll fix that in 1.5.7 but I’d like to see 1.5.6 not going on ground just a few days after we released it. Therefor I am trying to get to a solution where people can just use 1.5.6 without having to fix anything manually. Just tested and seems we are fine with the currently uploaded files. All good I hope.

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    @Sebastian-Roth well if the workaround is to update the ram disk size, it’s not too hard a thing to do. We can push out a patch to fix it directly, but seeing as this value is already easy to change what about simply documenting the error and the change for the resolution?

    As fog keeps making progress I don’t think asking people to make this change is too difficult. And as for 1.5.7, just add in a patch to check if the ram disk size is too small in the bootmenu, and if so update the value directly.

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    @Junkhacker Please go to the FOG web UI -> FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> FTP Server and increase KERNEL RAMDISK SIZE from 127000 to 275000.

    Sorry for all the rumor.

    @Tom-Elliott Not a good situation where we would need to either revert the inits to 100 MB size or quickly push out a new release just to fix the KERNEL RAMDISK SIZE. I will build 101 MB inits (yes, just a little larger to hopefully get around the space issue mentioned below) over night just so we have those handy.

    Edit: Good news, we still had the tool chain from the latest jenkins build on the server and so I am able to generate new inits fairly quickly. Will update the latest ones on the web server as well as for now.

    Edit2: inits and are updated. New checksums are:

    e69e0763cfda1e02159553ea1cdbdc55  init.xz
    00d811eef21cdfab4bab5160ad888bec  init_32.xz

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    @Sebastian-Roth only by reverting back to previous inits

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    @Junkhacker said in Failed to Set Disk GUID (sgdisk -U) (restoreUUIDinformation):

    edit3: ok, that was giving me kernel panics. not sure what was going on there

    Did you get this fixed??!?!

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    @Sebastian-Roth redownloaded today in my browser and now the hashs are different from before and now match what you posted. I’ll update my server again and see if it works
    edit:updated server and it failed, checked checksum and it’s still the old init. guess it’s gettting pulled from a cache somewhere?
    edit2:manually downloaded inits to server using the link and the hashs match yours. testing with that now
    edit3: ok, that was giving me kernel panics. not sure what was going on there

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    @Junkhacker Can you please post the MD5 sums here.

    da11c7a619efc4a737f9a715810f01a3  init.xz
    7de47b8634d6c95ba869369dfefd9c82  init_32.xz

    I just downloaded and tested those myself. They are the new ones from my point of view. Maybe you have some proxy cache or it’s just that we still have not properly fixed this for your case. Can you please post the contents of your /images/<IMAGENAME>/d1.partitions here.

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    @Sebastian-Roth in place and testing now
    edit: i just tested and had the same problem. i just compared the an MD5 hash of what i downloaded earlier and what i downloaded just now. the files are the same

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