SNAP IN Trouble with Version 1.3.4 and Client 0.11.9

  • With version 1.3.3 I was able to install Firefox and google chrome with no problem and now with the 1.3.4 it will just say Firefox installed and its not really installed, I used the same command switches as the 1.3.3 and now it doesn’t want to work. It was working fine with 1.3.3 and client 0.11.7 any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

  • @Tom-Elliott 0_1485899730465_Firefox snapin.PNG

    how long does the client takes to communicate with fog server?

  • @asbenavides Just a thought, considering the exe is no longer an “MSI” you might want to remove the template and just add the -ms argument to the “Snapin Arguments” section.

    Make the Snapin Run With blank
    Make the Snapin Run With Argument blank
    Change Snapin Arguments to just -ms

  • @Joe-Schmitt okk ill try different methods…thanks so much for your help

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    @asbenavides Firefox does not publish MSIs for their software. Firefox’s offline exe installer already has a silent mode: setup.exe -ms (assuming it hasn’t changed). Or see if that place offers an offline msi, and not a stub. Ultimately however, this is no longer a client issue.

  • @Joe-Schmitt i download it from because its the only place i could find the msi for firefox

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    @asbenavides that means its an issue with your snapin:

     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Client-Info Client Version: 0.11.9
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Client-Info Server Version: 1.3.4
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Middleware::Response Success
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient Snapin Found:
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     ID: 155
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     Name: Firefox 50.1
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     Created: 2017-01-31 20:36:25
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     Action: 
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     Pack: False
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     Hide: False
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     Server: 
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     TimeOut: 0
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     RunWith: msiexec.exe
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     RunWithArgs: /i
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     Args: /quiet
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient     File: firefox_setup_stub_50.1.0.msi
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Middleware::Communication Download:|E4:F4:C6:4C:33:F2|00:15:83:EA:BE:70||00:00:00:00:00:00:00:E0&taskid=155
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\tmp\firefox_setup_stub_50.1.0.msi
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Bus {
      "self": true,
      "channel": "Notification",
      "data": "{\r\n  \"title\": \"Installing Firefox 50.1\",\r\n  \"message\": \"Please do not shutdown until this is completed\"\r\n}"
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Bus Emmiting message on channel: Notification
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient Starting snapin...
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient Snapin finished
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM SnapinClient Return Code: 0
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Bus {
      "self": true,
      "channel": "Notification",
      "data": "{\r\n  \"title\": \"Firefox 50.1 installed\",\r\n  \"message\": \"Installation has finished and is now ready for use\"\r\n}"
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Bus Emmiting message on channel: Notification
     1/31/2017 2:36 PM Middleware::Communication URL:|E4:F4:C6:4C:33:F2|00:15:83:EA:BE:70||00:00:00:00:00:00:00:E0&newService&json

    The snapin runs and returns an exit code of 0. One thing I noticed is you’re using the stub installer. How come? The stub installer requires downloading a lot of additional files during installation (it’s basically just a wrapper that downloads firefox).

  • @Joe-Schmitt ok just did and the setup went thru but firefox is not installed

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     1/31/2017 2:28 PM Middleware::Response Invalid security token

    You need to hit Reset Encryption Data on this host in the fog web portal.

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    @asbenavides on the computer with the client it will either be at C:\fog.log or C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\fog.log

  • @Tom-Elliott sorry about the mistake on the client I meant to say 0.11.8

  • @Tom-Elliott where can i find the client log?

  • How did 0.11.7 and 1.3.3 work? 0.11.8 should be the version for 1.3.3. It was released in 1.3.1 RC 5, so 0.11.8 would have been available for official 1.3.1 through 1.3.3.

    Either way, can you upload the client logs?