Client doesn't add printer that was previously removed

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.0-RC-25
    • OS: Debian stable 8.6 (jessie)
    • Service Version: 0.11.5
    • OS: Win 8.1

    Sorry for the long message but a lot of tests to try explaining this issue

    When adding a printer on client (Fog managed printers), printer is added the first time, but i f this printer is removed then added again in fog GUI, client log show an error and doesn’t add printer this second time.

    But if I add another printer, and add again the first one, it’s added by client.

    log messages:

    First time I add printer 1:

    It’s ok
    Then I remove it:

    It’s ok
    Then I add again the same one:
    Not added and error message

    Then I add another one (in fact the same but with another driver):
    It’s added by client but with error message

    So I add agin the first one without removing the second one:

    Now it’ok, 2 printers on host !!!

    I remove one:
    It’s removed but with error message.
    I have one printer again on host
    I add again the first one that was deleted before
    0_1479727483179_printer07.jpg :

    It’s ok !!!
    2 printers on host
    Then I remove both:

    Ok removed.
    Only printers not managed by fog are on host.
    I add again the first one:

    Not added and error message.
    I add the second one:
    It’s added but error message about the first one.

    I remove it in fog gui:

    And add it again:

    Now it’ok, I have my 2 printers.

    All seems ok when there is already one fog managed printer, but not when there is no one.

  • Moderator

    This is the same issue described here:

    There isn’t a fix yet. The best you can do is deal with the FOG Client’s printer sensitivities.

    I’ve also found that a FOGService restart helps a lot (reboot). For whatever reason, sometimes the fog client in my building just stops working for the duration of said computer being on, until the next reboot.

  • No I saw this issue before, I don’t know exactly when, and I only ran test today.

    I think it’s a client issue

  • Senior Developer

    Is this specific to RC-25, or this is just the working release that you were able to get all the “tests”?

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