FOG Client - Printer not displaying

  • I’ve been having a fun issue with a particular printer. I’ve just realized what’s wrong, it’s there but isn’t displaying. The FOG Client is reporting on a false-positive somehow.

    I’m running Win10 LTSB x64. FOG 1.3.0 RC-8 with FOG Client 0.11.5

    So, this printer is assigned to my desktop computer, which is set with “FOG Managed Printers”.

    Below are pictures of the configuration in FOG, a pic of my installed printers in “Devices and Printers”, and… most importantly of all - the FOG PrinterManager Helper program showing the device as already installed…

    Now, I’ve not made any changes to printers for about 15 minutes - fog client is set to check with the server every 30 seconds. I have rebooted my computer, and then ran the FOG PrinterManager Helper to see what it says. It says the printer is installed, yet it’s not displaying in Devices and Printers.

    FOG Client Log:

    Printer Alias* SSD 1075
    Printer INF File* C:\Windows\inf\ntprint.inf
    Printer IP*
    Printer Port
    Printer Model HP LaserJet P4014/P4015 PCL6 Class Driver




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    @Wayne-Workman I’ve been kept busy by my studies and patching the auto updating bug that affected many users (more work is still required to prevent it from happening in the future. The hotfix simply bought us 2 years to fix it).

  • @Joe-Schmitt Have you made any progress with the initial problem ?

  • That powershell script is confirmed working to fix the issue with orphaned Printer Ports and orphaned IP printers via a FOG Snapin.

  • @Joe-Schmitt
    This powershell script deletes all local IP printers beginning with 10., and then deletes all printer ports that begin with 10.. After this ran, I witnessed the FOG client re-install all the printers afterwards. I’m going to deploy this as a snapin to clean up my printers.

    Get-WmiObject -ComputerName localhost -Class Win32_printer | where { $_.portname -like '10.**' -or $_.portname -like '10.***' -and $_.local -eq 'TRUE'} | Select -ExpandProperty Name | ForEach-Object { rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /dl /n "$_" } 
    Remove-PrinterPort -Name "10.*"

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    @Wayne-Workman thanks for all the info. @JJ-Fullmer also has this issue and brought it to my attention earlier. I know what is causing the issue, but will be extremely tricky to safely patch. I’ll post in this thread with any progress I make.

  • @Joe-Schmitt How to replicate:

    Just manually delete a printer that the FOG Client added. I do this by going to Devices and Printers, right clicking, and choosing ‘remove’.

  • Thinking more on this, I feel I should say -

    I did a lot of stuff to try to get this to work. I’ve tried the default printer drivers, HP Universal printer drivers, different printer names, different model numbers… All that shows in the log.

    I’m sorta thinking all my changes to attempt to fix it just broke it worse. But if that is the case, it just means the FOG Client needs to make sure the printer is configured according to what the FOG Server is saying.

    Just now, I noticed in the Printer Manager Helper that it’s showing the wrong model , that’s not what I had set in the FOG Server at that time.