FOG Mobile stuff

  • I’m recommending that fog mobile be removed,

    but the user restriction for the boot menu’s “Deploy Image” ( the former “quick image” ) option for users be kept in place.

    Who uses FOG Mobile? Did you even know it existed? It was semi-popular back when it was maintained, but it’s not been maintained for a while now and probably doesn’t work well or at all, not sure because I have literally never used it. I visited the page once just out of curiosity but that’s it.

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    An option to block mobile user agents seems easiest to implement.

  • @Junkhacker I agree, it’s sort of the only way to limit an account.

  • Developer

    personally, i’d like a way to disable the mobile interface (other than deleting the mobile directory from the server, like i do now). i use the “Mobile/Quick Image Access Only” user type as a limited permissions account that can only do things from the pxe menu. i don’t want my student workers to be able to use the mobile interface.

  • Senior Developer

    @fry_p I’ve modified (fairly recently) the way pages are displayed. So the “main” page will also display more properly (text size specifically) so you can manage fog like you normally would on a desktop, but from the phone. There’s a few quirks here and there, but it is better than it was a couple of months ago.

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    I may have spoke too soon… I noticed that all you can do is deploy from Mobile. I understand why though. It is meant to be lightweight and simple. That being said, it would be cool to do basic host management as well. Just a thought

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    Man I’m glad this thread popped up. I was hurting a month back when I had to go along and delete old hosts as I replaced classroom PC’s with new ones. All I had was my phone on me and I managed to use the full site but the text was so tiny… lol. I’ll give this a try when it is applicable. Thanks!

  • @Tom-Elliott Oh. Ok then.

  • Senior Developer

    FOG Mobile works perfectly fine.

    I’ve been maintaining it, and even test it.

    it isn’t as robust as the “main” page, but this is kind of the intent.

    I’m not going to remove it simply because I think it’s highly useful when restricted to a phone.

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