Fog 33 beta reboot issue

  • I installed latest trunk and am able to upload my images with no issues. When I attempt to download my images to a box the computer gets to the blue screen with progress bar for an instant and then instead of starting to download the image the computer just reboots. My .32 fog box works fine. Is this an issue anyone has seen?

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    This is all corrected for in 1.x.x Since moving to partclone, we’ve removed the need for sysprep, and even added the ability to have ntfs resize without sysprep for windows 7.

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    NTFS Resizable deploys are working as a few revisions ago.

    There is still a lingering bug that means if the image was not syspreped, it will not boot. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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    I believe current images will be fine, if you look in the DEV forum ntfs single partition deploys are not working in the fog 0.33 beta

  • [quote=“falko, post: 3893, member: 48”]i see you already have, what is your image win 7/xp? also whats your image settings within fog web ui ?[/quote]
    My image is a Win 7 Image. Image type single partition NTFS only. I upped an image that works with no issues on 32 and this problem occurs. I am trying fog 33 because we are starting to get advanced format drives coming in and I understand fog 32 does not support them. Will fog 33 allow simply using pre existing non af drive images with af drives and vice versa or will I need to create all new images when fog 33 is ready for prime time? When I image an AF drive now with 32 to an af drive the partition ends up aligned but I assume there are other issues.

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    i see you already have, what is your image win 7/xp? also whats your image settings within fog web ui ?

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    yeah I have reported it already in the FOG DEVELOPER forum that win7 deployments don’t work. Take a look in there and any other bugs you come across be sure to post them

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