Snapin task doesn't stop

  • Hello,
    i’m trying to install from a snapin task "Microsoft Mathematics 4 " 64bits
    Here is the configuration of this snapin task :

    It seems that the task start well, mathematics is installed and works fine but the snapin task doesnt stop.
    And i haven’t infobulle saying installation is finished

    Here is fog log :

    as you can see, it works fine with 7zip install
    i reboot the client once to see if the task stoped

    What could be the problem ?

    Thanks for your help

  • @plegrand
    No worries!

  • @Mentaloid
    Thanks a lot !!
    it works fine with only the msi file !!

  • @Mentaloid it means that i only need the MSMath_x64.msi file , and i dont need these files :



    Then i just push into the snapin directory this file : MSMath_x64.msi ??

  • msiexec /i MSMath_x64.msi /passive FROMSETUP=1 ALREADYRUNNING=0 DOTNET35=1 SXSOFF=0

    Note that you need to have .net 3.5 installed first.
    I have a powershell snapin that installs .net3.5 for windows 10 using this command:

    Add-WindowsCapability –Online -Name NetFx3~~~~ –Source Get-Location

    Don’t forget to ensure you have ( found on your win10 media in the sxs folder) in the same location your running that powershell command from.

  • Moderator

    @plegrand To be honest, I don’t use the current snapin system for application deployment so I really can’t comment on that part.

    I can tell you how I would do it with PDQ Deploy (which should translate to the snapin system).

    I would extract the MSI file(s). If there was more than one I would put them in the same folder for packaging. With PDQ Deploy I can create an install task sequence with multiple steps (actions). For your snapin I would just create a batch file to call the multiple MSI files in sequence with the proper command line switches. Then I think with the snapins you need to use a zip programing to combine them into one self extraction package, and then for the command to call you would use the following “cmd.exe /c batch_file_name.cmd”

  • @george1421 yes i saw it and i was wondering :

    once extracted, how i had a directory for snapin configuration ?

  • Moderator

    @plegrand That’s because Snapins run under the System account which cannot interact with the desktop.

  • Moderator

    @plegrand I’m sure you saw this post (look for post by fendel. replied on June 28 2012)

    The recommended solution was to extract the contents of that .exe with the /C switch.

    Then install the MSI with:
    msiexec /i MSMath_x86.msi /passive FROMSETUP=1 ALREADYRUNNING=0 DOTNET35=1 SXSOFF=0

    And then for the add in
    msiexec /i MathematicsAddIns_x86.msi /passive FROMSETUP=1 ALREADYRUNNING=0 DOTNET35=1 SXSOFF=0 WORD=1

  • @george1421 hello,
    it’s litle strange because when i launch the snapin task with /Q it seems to work fine because MAthematics is installed and works fine.
    When i launch the installer from command line with /Q i have to click on some button during install.
    From what i see on the web, this software is little difficult to install silently.

  • Moderator

    I guess the question would be (not specifically to PDQ deploy), what happens when you key in
    "Microsoft Mathematics 4_x64.exe /Q" (I see you have a nasty spaces in the file name, this may be your problem. Please replace the spaces in the file name with underscores).

    Does the installer run without user intervention or does it ask the installer questions? If it runs in an unattended manner then FOG should be able to deploy it no problem.

  • Moderator

    @plegrand It depends on the software you’re deploying. I’ve heard great things about pdq-deploy. @george1421 can tell you all about that.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    i think also it’s the problem, then is there a way to create an installer (of this installer) that could answer automatically ?

  • Moderator

    Most likely, your installer is waiting for user input. This is the number 1 cause for a hanging snapin.

    Snapins cannot have any user interaction at all. All snapins are required to be completely, totally silent, 100%.

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