Could not open net1

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    Voici mon message d’erreur et je ne trouve pas de solution j’ai mis le Kernel à jour (3.19.3) et je suis avec la version 1.2.0

    Voici les modification que j’ai déjà effectué
    Ligne 684

             //print "console --picture $this->booturl/ipxe/bg.png --left 100 --right 80\n";

    Ligne 142

    $this->kernel = "kernel $bzImage initrd=$imagefile root=/dev/ram0 ...

    Et maintenant j’ai ce message d’erreur
    au démarrage de l’application sous mac

    Could not open net1: Input/output error (
    Please enter tftp serveur :
    Configuring (net0 .....ok
    Could not open net1: Input/output error (

    And mac restarts

    Do you have a solution or info ?

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    @melvinpaz Ok, this is a Mac client you are having problems with. Please tell us exactly which Mac you have (serial number!). The modifications you made are correct as far as I see.

    I am wondering why it is saying "Could not open net1". Are there two network cards in this client. Possibly wireless? Although I am pretty sure iPXE does not provide any wireless drivers. We need more information on the hardware (exact Mac model / serial number) to be able to help you.

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    This is an English forums.

    However, looking at what you posted, this typically happens when you have two or more DHCP servers on the same broadcast domain and at least one of them is not configured properly. The solution is to properly configure DHCP with split-scope and proper 066 and 067 options (or boot-file and filename in ISC-DHCP), or, to simply turn off the improperly configured DHCP service.

    I’ll give you a hit also, the improperly configured DHCP service is most likely NOT the on the fog server, it’s likely something else. You likely already had a DHCP service, and chose to install FOG with DHCP, which would result with this issue.

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