SOLVED NFS server on Windows XP

  • Hi all,
    My Fog disk server is full and i don’t have access to our storage servers, either on our esxi (i’m in “sandwich course”, don’t know if it’s the right meaning ^^). So my “departement head” told me to mount a share on a basic PC, until he have time to deal.

    Our users PC are still under Windows XP… And I don’t find right tutorials to use one as NFS Server.

    If somebody know how to help, I’ll thank him very much !

    Sorry for my English and my limited knowledge 🙂


  • Marking this thread solved since the request in the opening post is not possible.

  • You answered all my questions ty 🙂

    I’ll come back if I have other problems laters

  • Thanks for your replies.

    Before having the idea of the NFS sharing, my Departement Head increased the size of the disk (on esx) without powering down the machine (I was in school at that time) so now i can’t increase the partition size and i don’t know why … (as I said i’m beginner).

    EDIT: Anoter forum is actualy helping me, so I will not bother you with that ^^

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    Do you have a spare PC that you can wipe and setup as a FOG Storage node?

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    With FOG you can not share out a mounted share in NFS (like windows). Right now you have very limited (no) options other than adding more disk space to your FOG server.

    FWIW, with XP you can only be a nfs client and not an nfs server. So you are stopped there too.

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    Windows XP cant’ be a NFS server as far as I know. I think Windows Server 2008 and newer Windows Servers support it (maybe earlier too) , but you’re out of luck if you’re looking for client OS NFS server software on Windows.