SOLVED Target partition is smaller than source but using non-resizable image type

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    Opening a new post here as I think it is worth investigating @Roger-Saffle’s post. Please add more information on how exactly this issue can be reproduced. Tell us all the steps you take… Looking forward to get more information and hopefully fix this.

    if we just let it reboot, sometimes 6 or 7 times a it finally works.

    You mean rebooting into the same task? This is really scary and should definitely not be the case I reckon.

  • sorry I dont think this is an issue anymore. We dont seem to be getting it aver we updated to the latest svn. Sorry again for the non response.

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    @Roger-Saffle Could you please provide the information?

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    @Roger-Saffle I think I need your help with this. Please post the content of the file d1.partitions and upload d1.mbr (both binary files) to the forum. Both files you can find in the image directory of your FOG server (/images/<imagename>/...).

    As well please try another deploy in debug mode (select normal deploy but tick the debug checkbox just before actually creating the job). Step through it till you hit the error. When you get back to the command shell run sfdisk -d /dev/sda. Take a picture and post here. Thanks.

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    @Roger-Saffle How many partitions does your image have? It appears to me that you could be using a resizable as you state the VM is only 40gb, but your machine that is being deployed to is 250gb.

  • @ITSolutions Thanks. I did wipe the 250G drive completely with Gparted, deleted and remade the part table , same issue.

    Thanks again.

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    @Roger-Saffle This is a different issue. The OP is reporting that one partition doesn’t resize after deploying.

    Since you created as a non-resizable it is finding that the drive is reporting that it is smaller than the image is supposed to use. This could be due to partition tables, or differences in drive manufacturers. You could try doing a wipe on the drive before deploying to see if that helps, or shrink you VM to 39GB to compensate for the differences in the drives.

  • If it helps trouble shooting we are having a similar issue. Pull the image down on a bunch of machines. 2 or 3 will give this error


    if we just let it reboot, sometimes 6 or 7 times a it finally works. The image was made on a 40G HD (vm) , the failed machines show the second partition made by fog as 35.1 or 35.9 ( I dont recall exactly as this was yesterday)

    Images are single disk, multiple part, non resisable. Fog SVN 7959

    Again, not trying to hijack, just posting incase it was related and helped with trouble shooting.