SOLVED No Client update since 0.9.12

  • Hi

    I’ve updated SVN to r7432 but clients don’t wont to upgrade to 0.10.2, I’ve got error message on fog.log (same message on all client)

     02/05/2016 16:18 Client-Info Version: 0.9.12
     02/05/2016 16:18 Middleware::Communication URL:
     02/05/2016 16:18 Data::RSA FOG Server CA cert found
     02/05/2016 16:18 Middleware::Authentication Cert OK
     02/05/2016 16:18 Middleware::Communication POST URL:
     02/05/2016 16:18 Middleware::Communication Response: Invalid security token
     02/05/2016 16:18 Service Sleeping for 120 seconds

    If I reset encryption data on client, everything is fine. But I have to do that on each client, because if I reset encryption data on group, it didn’t work ! I tested on group with all clients, and on smaller groups of 5 clients, but it only works individually…

    Any idea to reset encryption data on all clients at once ?


  • Moderator

    Hi, tested on my network : it’s OK.

  • Thanks, everything seems ok 😉

  • Senior Developer

    v0.10.3 is released and auto-updated has been re-enabled.

  • The reset encryption is fixed for Groups.

  • Senior Developer

    @Matthieu-Jacquart Upgrade your server again. It’ll disable v0.9.12 auto updating. It would seem Window’s SYSTEM account’s inconsistency has the potential to remove all FOG clients on your network when upgrading to v0.10.X.