SOLVED FOG 1.3 persistent groups

  • @george1421 I’m a new-comer to PHP and web development. I’ve done some cool stuff with it so far - it’s really powerful. but FOG’s plugin system remains a mystery to me.

    That said, I can 100% positively create a template in the DB, and create a back-end process that enforces this template. I just don’t know how to integrate it into the fog web-gui.

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    WARNING: I’ll always use to many words

    In my case, lets say I have 3 classes of computers. Each class has their own image and OU location.

    1. Workstations. They are members of the <Site OU> SOE Workstation group. They have image Win7X64, and shall be placed in the “ou=Workstation,ou=<site code>,dc=domain,dc=com” OU
    2. Design Stations. They are members of the <Site OU> SOE Designstation group. They have image Win7X64DS, and shall be placed in the “ou=Designstation,ou=<site code>,dc=domain,dc=com” OU
    3. Lab equipment. They are members of the <Site OU> Lab Equipment group. They have image Win7X86Lab, and shall be placed in the “ou=Lab,ou=<site code>,dc=domain,dc=com” OU

    This all works good with the groups. But I must first register the name of the system, pick its group association. Then go into the group function and add those proper settings to all hosts in that group.

    What I need is a host template somewhere, so when I add that new computer and select its group all of the attributes associated with that group will be applied to that new device. i.e. By having the group values persistently saved some place.

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    We can script it - I’m confident we can.

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    Ok let me try to explain at least my idea in a simpler way. I tend to use too many words.

    So lets say you have a department like accounting. This department all needs access to the same printers, software, and needs to be in the same OU.
    I want to be able to add a host to the accounting group that already has all those settings saved.
    So when I add a host to the accounting group I can then apply all the saved printers, OU settings, snapins, and image with a single action.

    Does that make sense?

    I think @george1421’s desires are a little more complex then mind, but a similar idea.

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    @george1421 I am sorry but I still don’t actually get what you want to achieve with “persistent groups”… Do you mean kind of “persistent settings throughout a group”?

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    I looked in the database and could not find where the groups actually saved the settings (like ou path). If the existing group function actually saved the values that were set it would be a much easier task to patch. From what I can tell, when you go into the group function and change a parameter, it goes through each device and sets that value. But in the end it does not save that value anywhere. Again, if it saved it at the end of the update, I’d be golden.

    (ps I was aware of your thread, but I didn’t want to pollute it with my jibber-jabber).

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    This logic makes sense.
    But doesn’t some of it sort of exist and we just need to add the template part?
    I.e. as groups are now you can update an entire group with ad settings, snapins, default image, etc.
    But it’s all static and you can’t save what snapins and printers the group always needs. (Currently we just made a doc for each group listing the settings outside of fog)

    My point is, maybe you can reuse the existing update group functions with this template idea.

    I figure this is relating to this request, just sooner though.

    If you need any help with coding or testing this I am happy to be of service.