Set required options during host registration

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    I don’t believe this is implemented currently, but I would like the option to set pieces of the host registration to be required. At a minimum I’d like to require an image ID be assigned (not accepting blank) and a location ID be assigned.

  • @Developers What if - the full host registration process detects if the location plugin is installed - and if it is, make picking a location mandatory via the Full Host registration menu even if no image is chosen? Thoughts?

  • @MRCUR Well, the locations that should be available to the host are dependent on what image is chosen, logically anyways. Let’s think about this.

    Say we have four images.

    • ImageA
    • ImageB
    • ImageC
    • ImageD

    Say we have two storage groups.

    • StorageGroup1
    • StorageGroup2

    Let’s say StorageGroup1 has 1 node.

    • Toronto-HeadQuarters

    Let’s say StorageGroup2 has 3 nodes.

    • New York-Branch
    • Mexico City-Branch
    • Los Angeles-Branch

    Let’s say we define 4 locations, one for each storage node because each one is basically as far north, south, east, and west on the North American continent that you can possibly have.

    Say that ImageA, ImageB, ImageC, and image D are all available on StorageGroup1. Say that only ImageA is available on StorageGroup2.

    Would you want a technician in LA, Mexico, or New York to be able to pick images B, C, or D? Probably not - because it’d mean that the technician would be imaging across the Internet.

    I think that the image chosen should dictate what locations are presented. And I think that if we allow a 0 to be entered (for no chosen image), then location options shouldn’t be displayed.

    Plus, you can set the location on 5,000 hosts in 5 seconds using groups. Just my thoughts. Tough subject, it can get complicated fast - but FOG can handle any scale.

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    @Wayne-Workman I see your point (and recall the old thread). I would just rather that input of any kind is required - 0 for blank being valid is fine with me. I’m primarily concerned with the location ID honestly, and then the AD join question.

  • Tom did have it so the image ID was required - but what if I want to register a computer that I don’t have an image ready for? I brought this up here: