SOLVED DHCP Issue upgrading beyond Fog 1.2

  • I had 7 Fog servers running version 1.2 and a DHCP server on windows 2008 at each site with no issues. I currently upgraded 2 sites to SVN 5844 & 5698 but now when our clients PXE Boot at either SVN site there are now two entries in our DHCP server. One is the standard Unique ID and Name of the computer (From Windows) and the other entry is with a different IP address, no name, and 32 character Unique ID (From iPXE). If I remove the Options 66 & 67 from our DHCP server the entries are normal so I believe the issue is somehow related to Fog/PXE. I really don’t want to have to roll my Fog servers back to 1.2 so any help would be welcome.


    Ubuntu 14.0.4
    Fog SVN 5844 & 5698
    Windows Server 2008 DHCP

  • Senior Developer

    @FlareImp Possibly the older iPXE version used in FOG 1.2.0 did not send DHCP option 97?! (especially the last section ‘Notes’ is interesting I guess)

  • @Sebastian-Roth This is what I am seeing on my DHCP server every time a client boots to PXE then to Windows.0_1452787353888_Capture.PNG

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    @FlareImp Can you upload a screenshot of this. I have a really hard time understanding what you mean by “but now when our clients PXE Boot at either SVN site there are now two entries in our DHCP server”. Two entries? Are those generated automatically?

  • Senior Developer

    @EAHarvey edit the bootfile variable in the fogsettings file to be that of what you’re wanting it to be.

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    the setting to use undionly.kpxe is in your .fogsettings file. this was recorded when you first installed and it is the information used on upgrades. you can change this setting in the file to undionly.kkpxe and that’s what it will be after you upgrade.

  • When I updated mine it seemed to revert the DHCP Boot file back to the default of unidonly.kpxe. I had to set it back to undionly.kkpxe to fix the issue. Seems like on any updates through SVN, it resets the file. This may not be happening, but kinda seems like it is. I am not sure about the other ways for updating. Just what I have noticed.

  • I think this is due to the alterations made recently to the boot files.

    Some users were having issues with consumer grade routers (particularly cable modems), and the devs made changes to correct the issue in the boot files themselves.

    I’ll inform the @Developers about it.