SOLVED Installing new install of cloud 5786 setting up storage failed

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    I’m working on a new install of the fog trunk on a new Centos 7 install. This is direct install of the current trunk build.

    The install runs normally until it gets to setting up the storage and it fails

    * Setting up storage..........................................Failed!

    Now the one thing I DID do differently this time is to give the installer a different path for the images folder.

    What is the storage location for your images directory? (/images) /opt/fog/images

    I see that even though I told it to use the /opt/fog/images directory, it created the /images directory anyway. I’m not sure if this is the cause of the storage setup failure or not. In this build I created the /opt directory on its own partition and want to place all of the fog files in that location.

  • I’m fairly sure this has been addressed and fixed, though please let me know if I’m wrong.

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    Confirming this same issue with build 5790 on Ubuntu 14.04. Fails the first time through, works fine the second time.

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    I have more to add to this. I did a clean install of fog this AM and it again failed at setting up storage. I selected all default settings and no monkey business with the files location and it still failed. After checking to ensure I didn’t do anything I reran the installer again with the same default values and it installed correctly.

    Additionally I discovered an issue that the ftp (OS) account was setup with the correct password (as indicated by the install script), the FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD value was set to the password given to the ftp user on the first install attempt not the second.

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    FWIW, if I leave the default storage location to /images the installer runs OK to completion.