SOLVED Trouble with Deploying an image

  • Hey everyone,

    Need some help with my FOG server. Set it up, uploaded an image, but I can’t deploy an image.

    1. If I try to Deploy and image to a host vai the web interface, it says:
    Failed to create deployment tasking for the following hosts
    You must first upload an image to create a download task

    (So far, I think this actually still does start the task.)

    1. Once the host connects to FOG to grab the image, I get:
    Cannot access /images/HP/dl.mbr: No such file or directory
     Image Store Corrupt: Unable to locate MBR. 

    I double checked the permisssions by following this post:

    My images folder:

    ls /images
    dev  postdownloadscripts

    and my /images/dev folder:

    ls /images/dev/

    Any help is appreciated. I think my error is something to do with the image not moving to the /images folder? But I’m not entirely sure. Thank you.

  • Moderator

    Either a FTP issue as Junkhacker already said or possibly an ext3 filesystem issue (which is a bit unlikely in your case using ubuntu). If all FTP tests on your machine are working great then you might want send us the output of sudo mount

  • @ebcsupport said:

    What is causing it to not move it automatically?

    2 out of 3 times it’s FTP credentials related - and the fix for this is very easy. The article Uncle Frank posted below has steps for it.

  • Developer

    are you able to connect to your server with an FTP client using the credentials stored in the storage management page?

  • Ok so moving the file from /images/dev to /images/HP worked. Thanks everyone.

    What is causing it to not move it automatically?

  • The name of the image in Fog is HP-Compaq8000-Win7PRo

    OS is ubuntu 14.04 and Fog version is 4870

    My FTP looks good on the server. I’ll try manually moving the image and see what happens.

  • Moderator

    FOG stores images in /images/dev/<mac-address> temporarly while upload is going on. This image is usually moved to /images/<image-name> (/images/HP in your case I guess) after upload was finished successfully.

    But this did not happen in your case. Hard to say why as I don’t have any more information about this. As a quick fix you could try uploading again or moving the image by hand (mv /images/dev/d48564bb7172 /images/HP).

    Did you see any error message at the end when uploading the image? Maybe your FTP settings are boged:

  • What’s the name of the image you’re trying to deploy?

  • Testers

    Can you please post what version of FOG and what OS you are using?