SOLVED Some Full-Registrations get Serial, others don't - Same Model PCs.

  • r3709 and the model of PC is an Optiplex 9020.

    We’ve been doing full registration on about 300 of this model, and only about 4 recorded a serial number.

    Aside from that issue, is there any way to have the new client pull that information and update the inventory?

  • @Tom-Elliott Testing now.

  • You shouldn’t have to reregister. While, for the time being, Serials may not exist, any imaging task will update the inventory record before the imaging begins. So unless you can’t reach the fog server from the client being imaged, this will eventually take care of itself.

    You can also just tell it to do an inventory task to update without going through a full reimage process.

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    lol just had to 😝

    If you update they should be fixed unless you have hostID’s = 0 or iHosts=0…etc.

  • @Wolfbane8653 What about pulling the information from the hosts that are already registered?

    One does not just re-register over 300 computers lol.

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    update to “commit f2e273ac061c5827b1d5af86bec32bad35583c50”

    This should be fixed now.

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    Move to bugs.

    I hit the same issue with my Dell Latitude D630’s. Tom says it may have something to do with NOT NULL attributes in the db.

    (git e7ff5c4)
    Issues include:
    –Inventory information not going into DB
    –Host name not imported correctly. Thus host name is the MAC addr
    –Hosts that are registered show up as not registered (even when deleted and re-registered)
    –If you do get something to register check the Service Settings for that host and be your services are selected
    –…Still adding to the list.