HP Proliant Service pack (SPP) Need Firmware

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    I’m currently looking to upgrade the hd space on my FOG server… my new found problem (my dumb fault for not checking)
    My Dell PE 2950 has a perc6i controller and it maxed out at 2TB hd’s so guess what this dumb ass just got? 4X 3TB hd’s and my controller doesnt support it. So in hunting around i found an HP server I decomissioned that has a smart array p400 controller i can make work it has the proper cabeling but!!! always a dam but. the firmware has to be updated…

    HP the fun people changed their support site to require a live maint contract or warranty on the devices to gain access to the newest firmware for this controller.
    What are the chances on of my fellow FOG enthusiats have this ISO image stored somewhere i might be able to get it from?

    here is the current link for the newest version.
    Please get back to me asap if you can help.

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    @Bill-Rice Hi, SPP and Smart Boot iso are on torrent or direct download : duckduckgo, or yahoo, or google , or other…

  • Keep checking back here…

    But I don’t have one… you might have better chances in the SpiceWorks community…