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    @dclark said in Organizations Using FOG:

    (Formerly Used Symantec Altiris Solution)

    Glad you moved to FOG?

    We realize that FOG is not quite as inclusive of a suit as Altiris. I can say its a hell of a lot cheaper and deploys many times faster. I use to administer an Altiris environment in a former life so I know the complexities involved. If you are looking to round out Altiris offerings, you could look into FOG + PDQ Deploy + PDQ Inventory and get pretty much what you had with Altiris for about $1000USD/year/IT Admin (all PDQ licensing spend) for an unlimited number of clients.

  • Organization Name: Indian River School District

    Location: Sussex County, Delaware USA

    Approximate Number of systems: 5200 PCs/6000+ Chromebooks/300 Apple Devices

    How long: Since 2/2017 (Formerly Used Symantec Altiris Solution)

    14 Locations - 1 master server with 13 storage nodes.

    2 - High Schools
    3 - Middle Schools
    7 - Elementary Schools
    1 - Special Needs School
    1 - K-8 Magnet School with attached Administration Building

    Indian River School District

  • Organization Name: Elisava Escola Universitaria de Barcelona Disseny i Enginyeria
    Location: Barcelona, Catalonia (Catalonia)
    Approximate Number of systems: 600
    How long: since 2013

    alt text

  • 0_1516268081967_iut-wallpaper.bmp
    Organization Name: IUT de LYON1

    Location (Optional) : LYON FRANCE

    Approximate Number of systems: 1200

    How long: since 2011

  • @tom-elliott said in Organizations Using FOG:

    Organization Name: Facultad de Informática Mazatlán (FIMAZ) - Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa (UAS)
    Location (Optional): Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México
    Approximate Number of systems: 200
    How long: 1 year
    Thank you,

  • Testers

    Organization Name: Martin Transportation Systems, Inc

    Location (Optional) Byron Center, MI
    30 Remote Locations
    Approximate Number of systems: 500+

    How long:5+ years

    alt text

  • Testers

    Organization Name: Sheakley Group Of Companies

    Location (Optional) Cincinnati, Ohio

    Approximate Number of systems: 500+

    How long:3 years


    Started on 0.32 in another company. It actually helped me get this job due the popularity of my imaging process.

  • 0_1513729748475_2e99010.png

    Global Callcenter Solutions

    Pueblo, CO

    900 Workstations
    11 Fog Servers

    5+ Years

    Thank you for your time.

  • 0_1511909648277_IAMJRMC.jpg
    Jefferson Regional Medical Center
    Pine Bluff, Ar
    1,500+ systems
    2 1/2 years

  • Organization Name: The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice
    Location: České Budějovice, Czech Republic
    Approximate Number of systems: ~400 and growing
    How long: Implemented in May 2017
    Can be listed on the Wiki.
    FOG servers: 1 dedicated server
    Additional Storage Nodes: None
    Previous Imaging Solution Used: Ghost Solution Suite 2.0
    Uses FOG Client: YES

    • Uses Auto Log Out: No
    • Uses Client Updater: No
    • Uses Directory Cleaner: Yes
    • Uses Hostname Changer: Yes
    • Uses Host Registration: Yes
    • Uses Printer Management: No
    • Uses Snapin Client: In near future
    • Uses Task Reboot: Yes
    • Uses User Cleanup: Yes
    • Uses User Tracker: No

    Got only Czech logo, hope you don’t mind.

    0_1511883219135_logo vste.jpg

  • Lampasas Independent School District
    Lampasas, TX
    1500 Systems
    4 months

  • Organization Name: Universitat de LLeida
    Location: Lleida, Catalonia (Spain)
    Approximate Number of systems: 1500
    How long: since 2013

  • Organization Name: CemenTech, Inc.
    Location: Indianola, IA
    Approximate Number of Systems: ~100
    How Long: 1 year … and loving it!

    alt text

  • Organization Name: Roma I.S.D

    Location: Roma, TX

    Approximate Number of systems: 1000 - 1500

    1 High School
    2 Middle
    7 Elementary
    1 Admin Building
    1 Alternative School

    How long: 2011 (6 Years)


  • Organization Name: EMBL Heidelberg

    Approximate Number of systems: 37

    How long: 6 Years

    We’ve been using this system to deploy our Computer Training Lab and it’s by far the best thing we’ve found, open source and paid.

  • Organizations Using FOG:
    I got two organizations:

    Organization Name: Lycée Eugène Livet
    Location: Nantes, France
    Approximate Number of systems: 1200
    How long: 3 years
    alt text

    Organization Name: E.R.E.A. La Rivière
    Location: Nantes, France
    Approximate Number of systems: 100
    How long: 2 years
    alt text

  • @Tom-Elliott


    Organization Name: Université Rennes 2

    Location (Optional) : Rennes, FRANCE

    Approximate Number of systems: 2000-2500

    How long: Since 2009

    Add to this, if you want to be listed publicly on the WIKI, please provide a Logo you’d want used for this.

  • said in Organizations Using FOG:

    Organization Name: Västbergaskolan AB
    Location Stockholm, Sweden
    Approximate Number of systems: 800
    How long: since 2009

  • @Tom-Elliott said in Organizations Using FOG:

    Organization Name: Ferguson-Florissant School District
    Location (Optional) Admin Offices are in Florissant, MO
    Approximate Number of systems: 2021 clients for Elementary, Middle and Aux Sites running on 1 master with 15 aux nodes. Plus about 1800 clients at 3 High Schools running on separate masters.
    How long: about 9 months.

  • Organization Name: Universidad de La Rioja

    Location (Optional) Logroño (SPAIN)

    Approximate Number of systems: 800

    How long About 6 months

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