MAC IS null! only 0 mac address was found

  • i got it to push them once to the device and now it wont again! I am running FOG 1.2.0 and windows 8.1 tablets

    Now they are not saying 0 mac address but only update the log for a few min then stop and nothing works until you reboot the device!

    The one im looking at now pushed all snapins added to the domain fine but now i try again and NOTHING! The last time the fog log was updated was 4 hours ago! do you want the new log?

  • Nothing is going to run because it thinks the services are disabled and/or that the host is not registered to the system. The service startup performs all the checks. What’s worrying to me is the fact that it’s telling you “0 Mac’s found…etc…” The other things we kind of need to know:

    What FOG Version are you running?

    What trouble shooting steps, besides looking at the c:\fog.log file, have you performed?

    You say the MAC’s match up, but can you provide a screenshot of the MAC being sent to fog (the MAC Debug lines in the C:\fog.log) and the relevant host?

  • I am getting frustrated with these! If i look at the fog log on the c drive i can see it adding info for about 2-4 min then its dead! I was able to get one to install by restarting it a few times! Like i said it updates the fog log for about 2-4 min then i have left them on for 4 hours and nothing more gets added to the log!

  • no the mac address machup! the snapins never start on these devices though!

  • So my theory is/was correct? The MAC that’s being sent is not the MAC that’s actually registered with the host? The one that’s sent, I believe, is the Wi-Fi. Is the Wi-Fi MAC actually registered with the relevant host?

  • [ATTACH=full]1373[/ATTACH]


  • ok i got it to join the domain it was turned on globally but when i uploaded the clients with excel it didnt turn on any features for the client. i turned them all on and that works but still cant get it to install the snapins!

    where do you want me to run that code at? on the server or device the device im using is a windows 8.1 tablets only have wifi!!

  • Senior Developer

    The problem is that the FOG service cannot properly identify your network adapters. From what I can tell it seems like you are running Windows 8, is this correct? I also need you to run the commands
    [CODE]netsh interface show interface
    and post the output (if you wish, you may filter out the mac addresses, but leave any that report [B]NA[/B])

  • It sounds to me like the MAC that’s being passed is not the primary mac. Is the host still connected to the LAN network when this is running or are you purely on Wireless that the system doesn’t know anything about at the moment?

  • Developer

    both globally and per host?

  • 6 hours
    and on the fog server host name changer is active!

  • Developer

    HostnameChanger Module is disabled on this host. and
    how long did you give the system to run the snapins?

  • This is the fog log i cant deploy any snapins and it wont auto add to the domain.