Pre-built isolated network builds?

  • Hi all,

    I like the concept of this project a lot, but have tried and failed many times to get it up and running… Having tried ubuntu, and Centos - and always failed at one step or other.

    I can’t be the only one in this situation - in being a total linux beginner - so are there any live ISO’s / builds knocking around where it’s already set up to work in an isolated environment?

    I just want to install it on a Desktop PC, plug that into a switch and PXE boot other machines off it.

    Thanks in advance…!

  • Just to let you know of my own personal experiences with FOG setups, I use Ubuntu server 10.04 for the main fog server, I never update it because when I have in the past when I first started using fog I found that things broke (not necessarily to do directly with fog software). I also have a second storage server that I’ve been using that works for me seamlessly on Ubuntu 12.04. I’ve basically stuck to these because I’ve found the platforms solid for what I’m doing.

    If you would like help setting up I am sure I could help out and I’m perfectly willing to talk you through the process.

  • I am a Linux beginner also but I have done this in the last week.

    I used Ubuntu 11.10 and Fog 0.32 and isc-dhcp-server 4.2.2. After a couple days and headaches I got it to work. Mostly because of my knowledge of Linux at the moment. I ran into a number of issues along the way but if you went this route, I could try and give a hand if you ran into any problems.

    This is a great setup for standalone imaging. This configuration could be used to image one PC connected to the NIC of my Fog server, or multicast multiple PCs connected to a switch and the Fog server.


  • [quote=“gneville, post: 10439, member: 3313”]- Other machines not able to PXE boot off of Fog PC.[/quote]

    I’m not sure, if you got this right, but maybe that’s your mistake:

    You have to configure your DHCP to tell your clients where to find the FOG Bootimage [options 66 (IP of your FOG server) & 67 (name of the bootfile)]. You usually don’t configure that on your FOG server, unless your FOG server is also your DHCP. But I would assume, that you have another DHCP running in your environment. Without that information clients aren’t able to boot FOG.

    In some cases a few clients might just not be able to boot FOG due to the BIOS or a not supported network card. Sometimes the needed drivers are not included in the FOG kernel as well. However, the majority of (up to date) clients should be able to boot FOG.

  • Thanks for the reply BryceZ. The problems I had were:

    • Other machines not able to PXE boot off of Fog PC.
    • Booting fine, but when trying to take an image it would fail at the very last step

    I tried ubuntu server (12.XX), ubuntu desktop (12.xx), and Ubuntu desktop 10.04.

    Perhaps I could try convert the VM appliance to physical?

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    post were you fail at??

  • Not that I’d recommend it, as it’s pretty outdated, but there is a VM appliance for FOG 0.27 ([url][/url]).

    Which version of Ubuntu have you tried? There have been some issues with 12.XX, but most people seem to be able to install with 10.XX just fine.