Surface Go 2 (microsoft surface usb-c ethernet adapter) won't boot bzImage on fog and Getting database update errors

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    @george1421 This was my first deployment since upgrading to fog 1.5.9 from 1.5.8 (technically from 1.5.9 RC 2 I think)

    I did switch to the 5.6.18 kernel yesterday and that got things through the imaging as well, but still had the database error. I’m working from home today so I can’t do any testing on the device till tomorrow, when I will gladly give a debug a try. I’m also wondering if there’s a matching init for the 5.6.18 kernel?

    I can pull up logs and check the database and such today if it would help.

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    Lets have you a few things.

    1. Upgrade to FOS Linux 5.6.18 and test.
    2. What is the hardware ID of this network adapter (as seen in the device manager in windows)?
    3. From the fog iPXE menu did you run the hardware compatibility test? What was the results?

    From what it looks like the kernel is running fine, but getting hung up updating the database. If it was a network issue it should have errored out before this point. If we can’t find the root of the issue you may need to schedule a debug deployment and then single step through the deployment until we can see a traceable error.

    I assume all other systems deploy fine, its just this specific model that has an issue?

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    I double checked my sql settings in the .fogsettings file and all was correct.
    Not sure what’s going on now with the database update error