Hosts not showing up after installing client

  • I have several hosts in several computer labs that don’t show up in the console when we install the FOG client. They just never show up in pending hosts or in “hosts”. It is possible we have installed the client on them previously and maybe that is the issue? I tried resetting the encryption data on all of the hosts but it didn’t change anything.

    In any event, is there a way I can globally fix this? I considered that 1.5.9 might fix this issue as every update seems to fix problems all over the place but I was curious what the community thought.

  • You should certainly be able to search in the GUI by MAC address, however sometimes even then the host won’t display due to other issues. Using SQL, you can always find items.

    Please have a read through the topic Sebastion mentioned. You might also look at this Wiki article:

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    I suspect this already had the fog client at some point. We image the same machines over and over for various reasons in our labs and in our classrooms. Is this not supported by FOG? Is there some procedure I should be running before we image the machines or something?

    From the GUI is there any way to search via mac address?

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    @rogalskij From the log we see that the client keeps receiving Middleware::Response Invalid host. This means the MAC is somehow already known to FOG so it doesn’t wanna register this “new” machine through the client.

    Probably best to take a look at the database directly. Take a look at the SQL queries in this topic:

  • Thank you Wayne, I use a deployment program to install the client so I figured it should work just like the others in the lab did. It is odd, like 25 will work, and 4 will fail in one room. By “fail” I mean not show up in the client. Attached is the log. I notice the response module fails but I don’t know what that means.


  • Hello @rogalskij

    Please post a copy of the fog client’s log file. It’s typically at C:\fog.log unless you set some other path during installation. Posting this log will allow the community to better help you.

    Double-check that you’re entering the right IP/name for the fog server during fog client installation.