• Hi guys, I love the Fog Project. It saves tremendous amount of my time working on imaging the OS. One thing I want to see if Fog project provides for us, automatically create a image. For most of the applications I work on, when there is a merge from a sub-branch into master branch in a git repo, it would trigger the CICD server to build the artifact and deploy that either to staging/production. Does Fog have this kind of functionality? Let’s say that when I merge my commit into master branch, it would trigger CICD server to build the image and somehow Fog project leverages that to create a deployable image. With that, every time I want to deploy/image a new computer, I would get the latest info from the git repo. Just a thought. Thanks

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    @zfeng I believe there are some powershell tools for that and I have built a powershell module for the api (see links in my signature). I haven’t done anything CICD with it but I imagine that’s something that could be figured out. I mean I kind of do something like that with my images having powershell modules and scripts in git that build and capture my image, but it’s not automated with a CICD design as I like doing it a bit more manually to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Thanks. I will dig more into that API doc

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    @zfeng You need to be more specific. Neither has FOG anything to do with git in general nor is it a build server environment. So asking about how to do these things is way beyond this forum and while we still try to help people with most of questions we would need a lot more details.

    The API documentation linked by @Quazz has examples listed on how to use it. Have you tried playing with this yet? Does it work? Do you need help with API calls?

  • Hi Quazz, any example for that? Merge a branch into master in git repo and automatically build the image

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    You can probably script some stuff together and schedule a new capture task using the API https://news.fogproject.org/simplified-api-documentation/