SOLVED Queues not going in order

  • FOG: 1.5.9-RC1
    Server: CentOS 7

    Right now I have a queue of about 40 machines. The machines in queue show this screen


    The queue is working, just not in order. Whichever machine detects an opening first, it takes it, instead of the next one that I set up in order. If I remember right, the machine would show which number they are by having the “There are ## before me.” Is there a way to get the queue back in order?

    I think this may be related to a database issue I had here.

    Thank you

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    @Tom-Elliott Thanks for clarification. So from the description it sounds like this is working as intended. The queue is no handled in order but whichever comes along first grabs an open slot.

  • My understanding was based on check in time. The one, in queue, who has the longest check in time should go next. Not sure how best to approach it though. The, there are x number before me, isn’t really stored in the database. It’s calculated at the time the check in is attempted.

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    @xburnerx00 Soon is kind of relative. Still have not had the time to work on this.

    @Tom-Elliott Now that I think about it a bit more I am wondering if the queue ever was made to be “in order”?!

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    @xburnerx00 Thanks for bringing this up. This time it’s not a database issue on your side I reckon. From what I have found so far this is an issue in the code. Will take a closer look the next days and fix this soon!