• It would be nice if I could be emailed to let me know that an image, or group of images had successfully deployed or finished deploying.
    There are services that allow you to subscribe to a number of SMS notifications, all you need to do is send them a set of parameters, so I could get a text telling me they’d finished deploying.

    Just a thought

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    @Sebastian-Roth sorry it took so long, but I finally was able to create a separate thread in bug reports. https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/13486/fog-1-5-6-pushbullet-plugin-not-functioning

    We are in the midst of reassembling classroom tech after the custodians did their cleaning so that is what caused the delay.

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    @Julianh No trouble at all. It’s good we found that the plugin is not working right now. We can’t test this stuff using external APIs all the time.

    Are you happy with the settings George mentioned?

  • Er sorry for creating so much trouble.

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    @fry_p Possibly you are right and pushbullet is not working at the moment. I have not used it myself and got the same results when I tested just now. I remember that we had a discussion about Slack plugin not working anymore some weeks ago and I am wondering if it’s just as well a change in the API/tockens on the provider side that made the pushbullet plugin stop working.

    @fry_p Would you mind opening a new topic on this issue. Although it’s kind of related to the original question I find that George’s answer (E-Mail in FOG settings) is pretty much to the point here. Better we discuss the pushbullet problem in a new topic??! I can move the posts over as soon as you’ve created a new one.

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    @fry_p said in Email / SMS Notification:

    Is pushbullet integration obsolete now? I am just curious.

    Unfortunately I can’t answer that. I’ve never used it or know why it exists. That is probably a question for the developers.

    I can help with setting up smtp messaging because that is all linux.

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    I just confirmed it is not working and I have no visibility into why. It takes the token I generate, but like I said, the entry has blank name and email fields. I uploaded and deployed images and I received no notifications. I can open a separate thread if this is supposed to still be supported in 1.5.6.

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    @george1421 Is pushbullet integration obsolete now? I am just curious.

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    @Julianh Unless I’m missing something in the request, FOG has email notification built in, or at least I get email notification when one of my techs deploy an image and imaging is complete.

    FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->FOG Email settings:
    Email Action: Checked
    Email Address: it.group@domain.com
    From Email: noreply@domain.com

    If you want an sms message from that just change/add to the group your mobile carrier’s email to sms gateway address (i.e. 5551234567@txt.att.net).

    Now understand this will only work if the linux OS knows how to send email in your environment. Typically you do this by configuring postfix (linux mailer) to forward all emails to a smart host. If using exchange it can be your exchange smtp relay service. Configuring sendmail and integrating sendmail/postfix into your environment is a subject in itself. BUT for does support this feature.

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    @Julianh You can take credit for inspiring me to do this myself. I have not tested yet, but there are a couple of quirks. Here is what I did:

    1 - Activated plugins by going to Fog Configuration>Fog Settings>Plugin System and checked the box for “PLUGINSYS ENABLED”
    2 - Went to the newly appeared Plugins tab at the top of the Web GUI
    3 - Activated Pushbullet
    4 - Chose Install plugins on the side column
    5 - Installed Pushbullet Plugin
    6 - Created a free Pushbullet account at https://www.pushbullet.com/
    7 - In Pushbullet, went to Settings>Account>Create Access Token
    8 - Copied the token to the clipboard
    9 - Back in the FOG GUI, chose the new Pushbullet accounts tab at the top and chose “Link Pushbullet Account”
    10 - Pasted token code and hit save

    The only thing that is strange is that in the list of accounts, the entry is there but the Name and Email are blank. Testing the functionality this morning.

  • Thanks I didn’t realise that. Much appreciated.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t FOG have a pushbullet plugin? This may satisfy your needs.

    Receive notifications on devices with Pushbullet installed when events occur such as imaging completion.”

    If you are interested, I or someone who uses the plugin may be able to provide instructions.