SOLVED Centos7. Fog 1.5.5. White-Page on Update Group sites and locations.

  • Hi:

    We have an implementation with 1 master, 77 nodes (growing), placed on diferent citys, and nearly 14.500 (Growing) clients.
    We are using the ControlAccess, Site, Locations, TaskTypeEdit and in a future FileIntegrity plugins.

    We have a litle problem with the interface on Site and Location Interface. On each update group location and group site information FOG retrieve a white page, with the text {“msg”:“Group updated!”,“title”:“Group Update Success”} instead the green dialog.

    I to solve this i must to change:
    On hooks/addsitegroup.hook.php
    Line 147:
    . ‘id=“updatesite”>’ updated with . ‘id=“group-edit”>’
    On hooks/addlocationgroup.hook.php
    Line 153:
    . ‘id=“updateloc”>’ updated with . ‘id=“group-edit”>’

    It seems to work correctly now, but i don’t know if i can get future problems with this.

    Thanks to all for your time and work on this Project.

  • Senior Developer

    @EduardoTSeoane Sorry for the late reply. This is fixed in dev-branch already. Thanks @Fernando-Gietz

  • Developer

    Hi @Sebastian-Roth and @EduardoTSeoane ,

    I tested the changes in my dev environment and the suggestions work fine. I think we can push the changes in the repository.

    I don´t use the location plugin but Ithink that the problem is the same. Maybe, @Tom-Elliott can say us want think about them XD and the reason it does not wok correctly

  • Senior Developer

    @EduardoTSeoane Great, thanks for your input on this. You seem to use FOG heavily! Awesome.

    @Fernando-Gietz Can you take a look at the suggested changes. What do you think?