View FOG logs from web interface?

  • Would it be possible to view the fog.log for the client on the web interface?

    Would be helpful for fault finding a computer with out remoting into C drive or logging on to the PC.


  • @Tom-Elliott Store them in the database and have a daily cron job that cleans out logs older than N days (user defined). If FOG were to switch to MariaDB 10.3, the TokuDB engine would be available for use. TokuDB has in-engine compression. The compression savings is pretty staggering compared to InnoDB. TokuDB does not support foreign constraints - and because the FOG db doesn’t use them, we are A-OK there.

  • Senior Developer

    I’m with you @Sebastian-Roth, while the idea is nice, it’s fairly difficult to setup. We’d need the client to send the logs and a place to store the information. While storing wouldn’t be too hard to figure put, it would mean space. Even though log files are relatively small, many logs would still add up. And that’s before we even start displaying the log in the gui.

    There is another way to get the info, by say having it request the log directly from the client I suppose, but then you’ll be fighting Windows firewall i would think. It’s not impossible to do but I think if you’re looking at the logs because of an issue, likely you’d have an issue getting the log remotely as well.

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    @Duncan Definitely an interesting idea. Though it would involve some major work to implement collecting those logs from the clients and I don’t see that we can do that any time soon.

    @Tom-Elliott Your thoughts on this?