Access Control Plugin - LDAP Users

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    Is there any way to use the access control plugin with LDAP authentication?

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    Thanks Fernando works like a charm!

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    I would love to try your unofficial plugin.
    I will send you a message with my Email Address.


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    Yes. But actually is not officially supported.

    When you use the LDAP plugin, this one creates temporal users; in this way, when an user logs on, the plugin will authenticate it vs your LDAP server or AD and insert the username in the DB with uType 900/901. When the user logs off then the user is erased from the DB. Working in this way you can not associate a rule of AccessControl to one or more user because the users are temporals.

    I spoke with @Tom-Elliott about this problem and how solve. I have solved it with a temporal solution (in Spanish ñapa, chapuza, parche o solucion provisional con visos de definitiva) to this little problem. I have developed a little plugin that converts the temporal users in “eternal” users. This plugin is not official and we need to update the AccessControl to do this work and not create a new one.

    If you want this unofficial plugin, I can send you by email.

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