Is FOG an Option: Large Multi-Drive deployment

  • Good morning,

    Trying to find a new imaging solution for our network. Basically we need to push about 100 laptops every couple of months. Need to be able to push an OS SSD drive, and a separate 1 TB platter drive divided into 3 partitions on each laptop. Total data is approximately 700 GB.

    Is FOG going to be able to handle that amount of data and on multiple drives? Our current solution ends up failing about 50% of the time, which really sucks when we’re looking at a 20-30 hour push.

    Thanks for your opinions!


  • Developer

    @flipwalker consistently isn’t generally an issue when you’re using fog. once you know it works with your specific model of computer (which is most of them), it just works.

  • @junkhacker An hour is not an issue. Consistent success is. Sounds like we’ll be trying to get this setup for our next deployment. I will probably be back frequently for troubleshooting assistance. 😉


  • @flipwalker As others have already said, it should work fine and be much faster. Setup a fog server and give it a go. We’ll help you with any bumps you hit - create a new thread for each bump.

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    I had rough calculations at about 2 hrs of push for 700GB of data with a 6.1GB/min transfer rate (assuming ideal conditions and not being able to compress the 700GB source data much). A lot depends on how fast the target computers can consume the image sent from the FOG server. 700GB image is a huge footprint no matter what.

  • Developer

    @flipwalker fog should have no problem with this.
    though, with that much data, it will probably take close to an hour to image each machine. (of course, you can do more than one at a time)