Auto Log Out Restarting even during activity

  • It seems with Windows 7 with SP1 the auto log out feature of the FOG service is restarting machines even if activity has occurred during the proposed time out.

    I set the timeout for log out to 5 minutes and went about surfing around the web, and it would still shut down with mouse and keyboard inputs even up to the point where it started shutting the machine down.

    The entry in the log reads:
    8/11/2012 10:31 PM FOG::AutoLogOut restarting computer due to inactivity
    Event Viewer reads:
    The process C:\Windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe (ECH) has initiated the restart of computer ECH on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: No title for this reason could be found
    Reason Code: 0x80070015

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    watch this video.[/quote]

    This would only be the steps to follow if there was a problem with the OS. The issue he’s referring to is to deal with a known issue with the Auto Log Out service in the FOG Client.

  • Hey,
    As per my understanding of your problem your computer restarts automatically. This problem arises due to malfunctioning shell-extensions, corruption of the system files, incorrect power settings, and so on. Since your question lacks detailed information about your machine I’m hereby providing complete troubleshooting guide.

    watch this video.

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    the new client is actually being written by jbob, and it’s progress can be watched on github

  • Hi,

    yes it’s time to get fully function of the client back. :)
    Tom do you have a todo list? Is it possible to watch it?

    Regards X23

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    the default fog.log is very small, i always increase it’s size in the config.
    as far as i know, using the fog client for auto log out is not recommended yet. the software hasn’t been updated in a long time, but a new version is being worked on now.

  • Is this broken across the board or are some people having success with it?

    I turned it on yesterday with a wait time of 5 hours just to be sure they’re gone for the day before being logged out. We had 4 reboots that I am aware of, 3 with in a couple minutes of each other and one around an hour later. I wasn’t sure it was FOG at first because it wasn’t every machine.
    Are the other reports of machines being rebooted regardless of inactivity rather than logging out or were my hosts rebooting because of Tuesday patches?

    I can’t see anything in the fog.log from before a user logs in. Seems like it is being overwritten as though it were a new file at logon rather than appending.

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    This is still a problem, and I’m aware of it, but as I need to look at the Client code and add re-writes and updates, this will kind of be on the back burner.

  • Hi, the same, with XP clients. Ubantu 12.04, fog 0.32.

  • hi, did you found a solution? because we have the same problem

  • This post is deleted!

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    Please report a solution if found :)

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