UNSOLVED random image share can't mount during image process error on 1.4.2

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    • FOG Version: 1.4.2
    • OS: centos 7

    Random can’t mount image share error after a few days.
    I can run normally and without issue and suddenly I get a can’t mount images share when I image a machine. If I rerun the latest installer on the server and the node it gets back up and running just fine. I haven’t touched anything on the server it just randomly does this. Perhaps it’s something I did a long time ago, or maybe it’s happening to someone else and it’s a bug as this didn’t happen before.
    It’s done this twice now since the original update to 1.4.2.
    Thought the first was a fluke, but then it just happened again.
    I did check all the usual suspects like .mntcheck and permissions on the folders and /etc/exports and all looked as it should. So Any help would be appreciated.


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    @JJ-Fullmer Don’t worry about this duplicate post. It was just a lucky guess of mine that this could be connected. As well it’s good that you brought up this issue again as I would have forgotten about it. Checking the CentOS repo now I see a new package being available since 13th of June - search for rpcbind here.

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    @Sebastian-Roth Reading through your linked post I see that it is indeed the same version that is causing the error there. And when re-running the installer it would restart the service and that probably fixes the issue.
    So I guess I’m in the same boat waiting for centOS to fix the rpcbind package.
    Sorry for the duplicate post, didn’t come across that one in my search

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    @Sebastian-Roth said in random image share can't mount during image process error on 1.4.2:

    rpm -qa | grep rpcbind


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    @JJ-Fullmer Did you recently upgrade your CentOS system? Maybe this is related? When you see the mount issue, please run this command on the server service rpcbind status to see if it is running or not.

    As well please run rpm -qa | grep rpcbind and post the output here.

  • It might be load related - if the server is simply too busy to respond at the particular moment FOS is trying to mount, then it’d throw that error. Try turning down your max clients.