Snapins page not working properly for groups -working branch

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    • FOG Version: latest - working branch rev 95
    • OS: Debian 8.7

    I can add/remove snapins from single hosts but when I go to the snapins page via a group it displays all snapins and I am unable to add/remove. This is for groups I already have and new groups

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    @Tom-Elliott it would appear I was having a rather dumb moment, now you have said that about it listing them I do recall that being the case and how/why it displays a list like that… :-$ guess it freaked me out a little… lol

    But when I did add snapins to a group and then went to membership -> host it didn’t have any of the snapins. It is however working now (I did update to rev 96 I realise that has nothing to do with it and also had to reboot for something else)

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    Can you show a picture of what you mean?

    The Group page has no knowledge of what snapins are able to be added or removed, (same as printers) so the “approach” is to display all snapins and give two submit buttons.

    You check the snapins you want to add or remove, and click the relevant submit button.

  • @falko Any apache errors?

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