• Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.5 / SVN 6067
    • OS: Ubuntu
    • Service Version: 0.11.11
    • OS: Windows 7

    It would be really nice if the snapin logs on the server showed which hosts that it was being pushed to. Also it would be nice to have a feature to limit which snapins that were included in the log.

    An example of this would be…

    Set the date range…
    Set which snap-ins you would like to include in the report…
    Set whether or not to display host names…

    That way you could see which machines you would need to follow up with.

    Thanks as usual!


    Joe Gill

  • @utopia Woops, sorry, can you tell what I modeled if off of?

  • As a footnote, I just noticed that the new Snapin Log Report web page has the wrong title. It is currently showing as “FOG Imaging Log” instead of “FOG Snapin Log”.

  • @Tom-Elliott said:

    I will try to add more “selectables” but don’t expect it like tomorrow lol.

    The new 1.4.0-RC-5 multiple simultaneous “selectables” are excellent! Very useful and fast. I’ve also checked the report exports. By including additional table info in the CSV export, that really opens up possibilities for external data manipulation as well.

    @Tom-Elliott said:

    The table will look a little weird, probably, but the “Host Name” column will also contain the snapin task’s Start date and Complete date.
    That’s all in one cell.

    Truly great work on the web interface! It looks and works great. I did notice that the PDF export appears as though there is bit of extra left margin white space causing the “Create Time” info to be cut off on the right side of the page. But that is probably just due to my rather long Snapin Names. Certainly not a big deal by any means. The remaining more important info is still visible in the PDF. So it doesn’t bother me, and I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you.

    This new web interface for the report significantly improves usability. It is much appreciated. And I thank you once again for the great work!

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Thanks Tom! I’ll have to update and check it out!! That will be very handy.

    Thanks @utopia also! This is what I love about the FOG community. You ask and things happen!

  • @Tom-Elliott That will do very nicely. Thank you, again!

  • @utopia So this has now been added as well.

    The table will look a little weird, probably, but the “Host Name” column will also contain the snapin task’s Start date and Complete date.

    It will essentially look something like:

    2010-10-10 15:13:33
    2010-10-10 15:23:33

    That’s all in one cell.

  • @Tom-Elliott Awesome! So glad to hear that. And thank you so much - this will really make a difference.

  • @utopia I didn’t create a hook to handle this. Like I said, I think I didn’t fully understood the request originally.

    The completion time will be added shortly.

    For what it’s worth, the information is already in the exports, so adding this really isn’t as hard as I originally expected it to be.

  • @Tom-Elliott You’re so fast! I feel foolish having just spent a rediculous amount of time researching and organizing a request for this. I was waiting for the @Moderators to merge the two threads before submitting anything else. I was going to also request that the clients’ Task Completion Time (stCompleteDate from the snapinTasks table) be included, as well as perhaps a bit more in-line documentation in the /var/www/fog/lib/hooks/…hook.php file that I assume you have created for this. Is it too late to still request that? At least the Task Completion Time, the documentation is less important.

  • I will try to add more “selectables” but don’t expect it like tomorrow lol.

  • Host check-in and name have been added, will be available in next release. Sorry for not adding sooner, apparently I was crazy in my thought process for this.

  • This thread is a duplicate of the previous thread found at https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/5224/checkin-date-time-and-host-name-in-snapin-log
    So to help keep things tidy, can one of the @moderators please merge this thread onto the end of that prior thread.
    Once that is done, I will add my two cents worth of research to try and help clarify and focus this request.

  • Moderator

    Just started using/testing snapins myself and being able to see the host names is definitely a good idea.