SOLVED Checkin Date/Time and host name in Snapin Log

  • Would it be possible to add the Check-in Date, Check-in Time and the host name to the display in “Snapin Logs” in the SVN (and future 1.3.0+) ? Currently there are just the Creation Date and Time by default.

    I use the Snapin Log very often to verify various Snapins on multiple Hosts. In the csv-export all the information are there but its not as comfortable as it was/is in fog 0.32 anymore.
    I could change it by myself in the ReportManagementPageClass.php but this will eventually be overwritten by a future fog update. A custom report I created is running somehow - only the csv/pdf export could not be made working in the custom report.


  • Just updating to let people know this feature is now added and will be available for the next release.

  • @Tom-Elliott Thank you for the info. I apologize if “new feature” was the wrong term to use. I will take a look at the FOG Project Documentation as you suggest to see if I think it may be something that I can pursue myself.
    Thanks again for all your fantastic work!

  • To view a more friendly method of viewing the class mappings and what not please visit:

  • @utopia I don’t mean to just say no, but yeah, while it’s not impossible, it is not an easy thing to add. At least not with the current state of things. PHP is quite robust in adding server side functionality. jQuery is quite robust in adding client usages (asyncing information between one another), but it’s actually quite hard to make recommendations for which columns you want in a dynamic fashion as being requested here.

    As for features still being added, I guess I don’t understand. We did adjust the LDAP plugin (which already existed), and I added a hook that had already existed for the sake of presenting an example for others to work off of. I did add (by add I mean create and implement) the persistent groups plugin which only creates the sql trigger event that @george1421. There might be other little things, but I assure you I’ve not just been adding things for the sake of adding.

    That all said, I think what you’re requesting would actually be already possible for your particular environment by using a hook. Hooks are things that enable to you modify things for your environment without having to mess directly with the base fog code. The hooks aren’t all documented, but that’s because FOG is a very big project and I’m literally one guy. I do have some basic class mapping and documentation in most of the files FOG’s core is based around. This should at least give you a basic rundown of methods and variables available for their relevant scenarios.

    Please take a look, and dive in if you can. I assure you I will help with what I can. If I need to add a couple more hooks to enact upon, btw, I can. That isn’t adding features, it’s improving the overall usability and functionality of FOG I think.

  • Getting a “Host Name” column in the Snapin Log report has been near the top of my wish list for quite a while as well. I have held back in giving my plus-one to this request since I didn’t wish to slow down the overall progress toward a final release of 1.3.0. Now that we have been in the RC stage of 1.3.0 for the past few months, I am even more reluctant to put forth such a request. But I have seen that new features continue to be added. And it remains quite cumbersome to have to check each host individually for state/return code when pushing out snapin tasks, particularly for larger groups. So at this point, I will ask “Would adding columns to the Snapin Log report primarily for Host Name, and possibly also Checkin Date/Time be overly burdensome or out-of-line at this late RC stage of 1.3.0?” Or even better, as @tian suggested, a pull-down column selection list for the web page and PDF export would be ideal. Some way to identify the Host Name in the Snapin Log is the primary goal. I thank you for your consideration of this. And I understand if it is not a high priority to the developers at this time.

  • It is not that urgent since its not influencing the imaging or some other important stuff.

    An option (like “image size: on server”) to choose the columns for the snapin log on the web page and PDF export would be great, but not that simple to implement I guess.

  • @tian It’s not impossible to add, I just haven’t gotten around to it. Looking at the database, it seems the Checkin Date is there already. I’ll take a look at it maybe today.