Using groups like an Organisational Unit in Active Directory

  • The first time I used the groups, I was astonished that the settings didn’t stay in the group.

    Would it be possible that we can pre-configure a group, put hosts in there and they take over the properties of the group, without having to reconfigure the group every time you put another computer in it?

    Due to me being Dutch, it’s possible that my explanation isn’t that great. So if there are any questions, feel free to ask!

  • May be it is the wrong thread. “Configuration” is only a (bad) suggestion for the new feature name. By configuration I mean deployment configuration or computers configuration. It may be called “preconfigured tasks”.

    We have several images for the same hosts, with different kinds of OS (linux, Windows, Windows server…) . Each time we switch from one to another (it can be twice or thrice a day) we have to do an image association (and OS before 1.2.0) and sometimes we have to do it quickly. What I mean is a superset of groups and images. By using it it can reduce time a little and error probability a lot.

    As I said this feature should be useful for teaching environment.

    I had a look to the code, but I am not very good at PHP and I haven’t much time for it. I would need some explanation of the code architecture to feel more confident with it.
    Modifying groups implementation would be an error.
    I think, it can be implemented just (always easy to say) by adding a table in database and a new page.
    This page could be a minor (I am optimistic) change of the group page because all the actions would be the same.

    Sorry if it is still not understandable, but I am not used to write english.

  • I guess I don’t understand.

    This thread is OLD, and much has changed.

    While I’m sure groups could be much better, there’s not a whole that can be automatic in the Group real.

    What do you mean “configuration”? Configuration of an image is an image dependent thing, not a Group thing.

    Image assignment can be done from a grouping, but as far as what the configuration of said image is, it should be at the image level, not at a “group” level.

  • I hoped that groups implementation would have progressed in 1.2.0, but it hasn’t. For me, that is the main weakness of this version.
    I suggest to create/add a new item we may call “configuration”. A “configuration” will be the association between a group and an image. “Configuration” will behave like groups (deploy, multitask deploy …), but it will manage images association automatically. This could be a very useful improvement for schools and universities, especially for networks and computer science teaching.

    Version 1.2.0 is a great improvement, with this feature it will be perfect to me.

  • Developer

    Groups were poorly implemented. It will change in the future.

  • Well okay. Then maybe it’s an option to put a checkbox behind every setting for retaining the setting? (also one at the top for disabling or enabling all of the checkboxes) This would make it much easier for a couple of sys-admins I guess.

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    The groups in Fog are for applying settings 1 time, to many hosts. The groups do NOT retain any of the settings. If you put 20 hosts into a group, you then set the options for the group 1 time, and it applies to all 20 hosts. The “group” has no properties other than the hosts that are in the group.

    Basically, groups are a way to change settings on multiple hosts at one time, but they do not retain or enforce any of those settings after that. They only remember what hosts are in the group.