UNSOLVED Fog 1.2.0 Scheduled Tasks Not Initiating

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.2.0
    • OS: Debian 7
    • Service Version:
    • OS: Windows 7 Pro

    When create a a task to run “instantly” I have no problems. However, when I schedule a task for both “cron style” and “delayed” the task never leaves the scheduled tasks to the active.

    Her is what I have tried:
    I did have a problem with the timezone being GTC/UTC. At first when I scheduled a task I received an error stating the time had already passed. I corrected the necessary php files to my local time America/Denver.
    I gave the “fog” user sudo permission
    I gave the “www-data” user sudo permission

    I’ve been checking the crontab to see if there have been any entries to schedule the task, but there are never any changes.

    Also note: The default password for the user “fog” I discovered is different from the root user, and mysql password in case this is not normal.

    My question is:
    Does there have to be “sudo” at the beginning of certain commands fog is running?
    How can I check to see if the task is being created in the database?
    If so, how can I see if the database task is being sent elsewhere to run?
    Lastly, Is there a way I can manually enter the task in the crontab since the UI may not have permission or perhaps something in php is wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  • @Wayne-Workman
    I will build a test system using the newest versions of Debian and Fog today. I’ll post back soon with the results and maybe attempt to fix the older system later.


  • @ironhyde81 I would recommend moving to the latest version of Debian, then the latest version of FOG. This article may interest you: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Migrate_FOG

    I won’t be of much assistance with FOG 1.2.0, I just don’t know it well. But I can help you lots with 1.3.x

  • @Junkhacker
    It is possible. That is my plan in the event I can’t solve the problem using the current versions.

  • Senior Developer

    The cron tasking type and delayed tasks are not handled by Linux utilities but by a service called FOGScheduler

    The things to note: cronstyle will always be active
    Delayed will be active until their runtime has been met and occurr d.

  • Developer

    before diving in too deep troubleshooting this, is upgrading to the latest stable release not an option? (operating system and fog versions, if possible)