Unable to copy imatges to another node

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.1-RC-2
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.0.1 LTS
    • Service Version:
    • OS:

    Well this is my first time trying to use a second node thats why I wanted to try something easy first (on same network) before trying on diferent networks.
    I created a new node on same OS as my server using the https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Managing_FOG#Adding_a_Storage_Node link
    My 2 servers ping eachother.
    The problem is that when Master Node whant to replicate images to the second node on fogreplicator.log it show :
    *Not syncin Image between groups
    There are no other members to sync to
    End at last it freezes at : *Attempting to perform Group ->Nodes image replication.

    I’ve set both nodes on default grup and even tried to change the group name, but it keeps doing the same…
    PD: on ubuntu server (subnode )I had to write my interface as p5p1 but on webpage i have it as eth0, is this correct?

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    Logs would’ve gone a lot faster to have knowing the problem.

    Luckily it was simple enough for me to figure out.

    The problem was a switch over to using methodized loop iteration rather than setting a variable then looping the variable.

    The “group->node” replication was broken because it was looking for a variable that was forgotten to be set. This replication bug was on both images and snapins for what it’s worth.

    This has been addressed and will be available when 1.3.1-RC-3 is pushed out.

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    @Malarky Yes that setup is correct.

    Just by chance, have you rebooted your master node? (or at least restarted the FOG Replicator service)

  • 1-Actually I dont have the location plugin, thats the next step.
    2- Yes, I’ve done that.IMG incoming:
    This is the default but changed its name to try something.

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    This is a bit strange.

    Just to be sure you installed the location plugin (not needed for your current test, but will be needed for your prod environment).

    Then on your master fog server, you created a storage group (or used default) and then added both the master fog server (should have already been in the default group) and the storage node in the same storage group. Right?