• Moderator

    Again guys, congratulations on the official release of FOG 1.3.0! I may be jumping the gun on asking this, but is there going to be a trunk/beta channel for future versions of FOG? Though my knowledge on software development is very limited, I like to beta test to help in the only way I can.

    Please enjoy the holidays!

  • Senior Developer

    There is going to still be a “trunk” branch and I’ll still be doing (albeit much less than in the past) work on the PHP side of FOG, but really limited to bug fixes and minor improvements. I don’t expect any new features to be added unless it’s to support some new functionality in regards to the new FOG Client that we find useful enough to be added to the current channel’s of FOG.

    As we get closer and closer to a functional element of FOG 2.0 (which will likely take a while) we’ll most likely give up postings to try to get our testers and other developers updated to test and report things.

  • I think so, but only for bug fixes and updated ipxe files as bug fixes are made, no more new features and no more behavior changes.

    The focus is shifting to the 2.0 rewrite, which Joe has been taking the lead on.