• Server
    • FOG Version: RC26
    • OS: CentOS 7.2.1511
    • Service Version: n/a
    • OS: n/a

    I had some time to kill so I built a FOG server from scratch, performing a fresh install of CentOS 7.2.1511 then installing RC26 in order to prove my documentation is still good. And there was much rejoicing.

    Once the entire install process was complete I imported users, groups, hosts and images exports OK, then:

    FOG View Settings
    = FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN = LIST (default=search)

    Clicking on USERS, HOSTS, GROUPS or IMAGES brings me to the SEARCH page only. I can still manually go to the LIST All link, but this setting is not behaving as intended.

  • I mean following the steps I outlined above is how I got it to finally work. Assume a save and a hard refresh on a separate tab to achieve each = . Considering what I found with the storage group association of images yesterday I figured I’d try toggling some settings, and that included the Search vs List option.

    It wasn’t until I performed a Search from the Images page that the LIST option setting began to work as intended.

    Again, this is on an absolutely from-the-ground-up installation of CentOS followed by RC26. The only thing introduced other than my standard configuration was the importing of exports.

  • @sudburr I don’t understand what you’re meaning?

    List is listing things. Search will only search things. Essentially, the data returned 0 means limiting is turned off, but due to the “new” way of searching/listing, the data returned is not even needed. I search in host and the searched for results are returned.

    Maybe a Hard Refresh will be needed? (Shift + F5 typically)

  • Updating to RC27 did not fix this.
    = result is no list displayed for hosts or images ( I have no groups, snapins or printers )

    However …

    1. FOG_DATA_RETURNED was now blank. Previously it stated 0.
      = result is no list.

    2. Set FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN to Search
      = result is no list.

      = result is no list.

    4. Set FOG_DATA_RETURNED to any value
      = result is no list.

    5. Set FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN to Search
      = result is no list.

    6. Set FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN to Search and a FOG_DATA_RETURNED value
      = result is no list.

    7. Set FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN to List and a FOG_DATA_RETURNED with no value
      = result is no list.

    8. Performed a SEARCH from the Image page while no images listed
      = returns list of matching image

    9. Cleared the SEARCH box and revisited HOSTS page
      = returns the list

    10. visited Images page
      = returns the list

  • Figured out why I missed it again. It is another example of the perils of using pictures instead of text and of quoting text inaccurately.

    Searching for either ‘FOG_VIEW_DEFAULT_SCREEN’ or ‘FOG View Settings’ doesn’t find it, but using the incorrect ‘FOG View Setting’ (missing the s) does find it.

  • @sudburr Happens. Don’t worry about it.

    Ultimately you’re re-worded posting about the problem will help others that are in the RC cycle.

  • Ahh, there it is.

    Huh… wonder how I missed that one?

  • This was already reported and is fixed upstream.