UNSOLVED How to Transfer Images to another FOG Server (1.3.0 RC 11)

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.0 RC11
    • OS: ubuntu 14.04
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    I created another FOG server and would like to know how to copy images from one server to another. I tried the terminal command

    server1$ scp -r /images server2_IP:/
    I don’t get any errors.

    server2$ touch /images/{.mntcheck,dev/.mntcheck}
    server2$ chmod 777 -R /images/

    no error messages.

    Then I go to server2 and log into fog and go to “Image Management” I don’t see anything. However, if I go to /images I do see the directory and files. Am I missing a step?

    I also attempted to create an image in “Image Management” and map the path that is in “/images/image_name”, and I still get nothing in the FOG.

  • There are also other mutli-fog-server setups too. At work, we use a 15-server distributed FOG system and it works fine. We have 1 web interface we use to control/do stuff wherever we want. FOG can do this out-of-box.

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    @wcheung the short answer is right.

    There is a two step process here.

    1. Move the data files between fog1 and fog2
    2. Export and import the database between fog1 and fog2.

    Now I would only do it this way for a server migration. If this is going to be a normal function and you need both servers operational then I would setup replication between the two fog servers. You will still have to do the export/import part but the images will be magically copied between the two server (assuming you are using fog 1.3.x)

  • @george1421 one last questions, if I got the folder in /images


    Server1: /images/window7

    Copy that directory and export the image (image.csv), then Paste that file to Server2

    Server2: /images/window7

    and import that image.csv this should work?

  • @george1421 Awesome! Thanks

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    @wcheung Wayne has some information here on the FOG wiki https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Snapin_Examples

    If you have specific snapin questions, @Wayne-Workman is the guy. Just post in a new thread with your issue and I’m sure he can help you out. I personally don’t use snapins so I’m of limited use.

  • Ahhhh, thanks @george1421 worked like a charm.

    Kind of a side question but is there any tutorial links on Snapin?

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    Yes, in short you copied the files but didn’t update the database on fog sever 2. If you go into the image management on fog server 1 and then use the export function to export the database into a file, then from the same browser go to fog server 2 -> Image management and then import the image database into fog server 2 you should be all set.