UNSOLVED Windows 10 Imaging, first images works great, then fails every other image

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    • FOG Version: 1.3.0 RC11
    • OS: Ubuntu 14.04
    • Service Version: (not sure what this means)
    • OS: Windows 10 Build 1607 Enterprise

    So I syspreped a lenovo machine with windows 10, ran updates, installed Apps and made a simple Unattend File.

    And before any images capture or deploy, I just sysprep (generalize and OOBE with unattend.xml) and allowed the machine to reboot, and it boots up perfectly!!!

    Next step, reinstalled system and repeated the step above but this time I capture the image and deploy that images to a different machine as well as the same machine. Both Machines works perfectly…

    Then redeployed the same image to the same machines again to test consistency and now I get the " 😞 Your PC Ran into a problem and needs to restart" and this loop repeats itself

    Anyone have any ideas one what or where I can start investigating this issue? I just can’t fathom why the image would work then fail when reimagine the same machine.

  • @Quazz Actually on the new Gen 4 there isn’t to many bloatware and “management” tools.

    But I will actually look at building a native windows 10 enterprise 1607 iso.

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    @wcheung Do you need the standard Lenovo thingies? Because otherwise you can download the latest iso from Microsoft to install a clean 1607.

  • So I took a different approch, I reinstalled the OS and didn’t update windows 10 to 1607 and left it at 15** (something) and now I have deployed and tested the image 6 times now (granted on two machines only, will need to get my hands on a few more to be sure)

    But it may have been the actually image is self after deploying, windows setup would just fail… “say la vie”

  • @wcheung So if you’re not using the FOG Client, and the image is the same, and the hardware is the same, there’s only one thing left. Bad hardware.

    It could be the FOG Server since it’s new and not tried-and-true yet. It could be the target host. And I couldn’t tell you which.

    I would suggest running any on-board diagnostics that the systems may have. If there is none, look for 3rd party tools to test the RAM and HDD. Also try re-seating video cards, RAM, and if you have a power supply tester go ahead and test the power supply.

  • No, I’m fairly new with to FOG.

  • You’re not using the FOG Client? I’m just information gathering at this point.